Official TNA No Surrender Predictions Thread

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  1. [​IMG]
    1st Prize: 200k​
    2nd Prize: 100k​
    3rd Prize: 50k​
    Magnus Vs Roode​
    Aries Vs Styles​
    Final BFG Match​
    ???? Vs ????​
    (This counts as a prediction and will be counted)​
    Bound For Glory 2013 Winner:​
    Mr Anderson Vs Bully Ray for the TNA Heavyweight Championship​

  2. lolforummoney, but whatever

    - Magnus
    - Styles
    - Roode vs. Styles (taking advantage of a loophole)
    - Styles
    - Bully Ray via DQ
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  3. 200k, 100k, 50k.
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  4. - Magnus
    - Styles
    - Magnus vs. Styles
    - Styles
    - Bully Ray
  5. Roode, Styles, Roode vs Styles, Styles, Bully Ray.
  6. Roode, Styles, Roode vs Styles, Styles, Anderson via DQ.
  7. You, good sir, won the predictions.

    I'm 2nd, and Leo C is 3rd.

    NOW GIMME MY MONEY :testify:
  8. Jonathan Shadox won, Test second and Leo 3rd.
  9. Already sent the cash.
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  10. I was more excited that I got an alert of you quoting me and your username said Tesify and you had that Aries avatar back instead of winning.:yay:
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Won some cash, cool.
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