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  1. [​IMG]
    Where: MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada
    When: Saturday May 26th at 10 PM EST



    Main Card
    [size=x-large]Heavyweight Championship Bout: Junior Dos Santos (c) vs Frank Mir[/size]

    [size=x-large]Cain Velasquez vs Bigfoot Silva[/size]

    [size=x-large]Roy Nelson vs Dave Herman[/size]

    [size=x-large]Stipe Miocic vs Shane Del Rosario[/size]

    [size=x-large]Stefan Struve vs Lavar Johnson[/size]

    Preliminary Card

    [size=x-large]Featherweight Bout: Diego Brandao vs Darren Elkins[/size]

    [size=x-large]Lightweight Bout: Edson Barboza vs Jamie Varner[/size]

    [size=x-large]Middleweight Bout: Mayhem Miller vs CB Dollaway[/size]

    [size=x-large]Welterweight Bout: Dan Hardy vs Duane Ludwig[/size]


    *This card marks the first time in UFC history that the main card will feature all Heavyweight Bouts
    *Allistair Overeem was originally scheduled to fight Dos Santos for the Heavyweight Championship before he was suspended for 9 months by the Nevada State Athletic Commission
    *Frank Mir was originally scheduled to fight Cain Velasquez in a Title Eliminator, but was moved up to the Title Fight following Overeem's suspension
    *Bigfoot Silva was originally scheduled to fight Roy Nelson, but was moved to the co-main event to face Velasquez following Mir being moved to the Championship fight
    *Roy Nelson was briefly scheduled to fight Gabriel Gonzaga following Bigfoot's move to the co-main event, but he had to pull out due to injury, resulting in Stipe Miocic taking the fight.
    *Mark Hunt was scheduled to fight Stefan Struve, but had to pull out last week due to a knee injury and was replaced by Lavar Johnson


    My interest in this card as it was originally billed to what it has become has gone from a 10/10 to a 5/10, but it should still produce a good night of fights. Just a shame how things unfolded. Damn you Allistair.
  2. This card looks pretty good tbh.
  3. Definitely interesting with all big guys on the main card, but just think how awesome the lineup could have been

    Ubereem vs JDS
    Cain vs Mir
    Roy Nelson vs Bigfoot
    Hunt vs Struve
    Del Rosario vs Gonzaga

    fucking NSAC. Just let Reem eat his horse meat

    but yea, still a good card. Much better than 145
  4. Ubereem lmao

    Do you think Mir has a chance?
  5. Mir definitely has a chance. I see a ton of people count him out, but he is a crafty guy. People assume he will just come in, get his head knocked off, and move on with his evening, but you never know.

    The thing about Mir is when you think he is dead in the water he pulls something out of his ass. He was getting his ass kicked by Big Nog right before he pulled that kimura out of nowhere and wound up breaking Nog's arm and making him tap (Nog had never been submitted in his life and is viewed as having the best BJJ in the world for a HW and some of the best in all of MMA)

    so I could see Mir getting rocked by JDS, JDS jumping on him looking for the kill, and Mir pulling off a sub in that scenario. And let's face it, HWs hit hard. Mir is no exception. He could catch JDS and hurt him just the same. That's the thing with the big guys, it's always one punch away from ending no matter who's fighting.
  6. Nice take on it. That's got me more pumped tbh. I haven't seen hardly any of these fights but all I read is how much of a tank Dos Santos is and Mir is a submission machine.
  7. I'm tempted to put a little bit of money on Mir just because of the ridiculous odds you are getting. I've seen him anywhere from +300 to +450.

    Obviously he should be the underdog, but damn, I think he has a better chance to win than most are giving him. Whether I decide to bet on him or not, I'll definitely root for the guy. I'm a little tired of the JDS dick riding.

    TBH I think Daniel Cormier may be better than both of these guys. He is a beast
  8. [​IMG]

    I got upsets on the brain. I might go through and do the prelims before Saturday, but I at least wanted to get the main card predictions tapped in.

    I'm probably going to put some money on Mir just because the odds are ridiculous and I'm starting to like his chances of winning. He will probably get his head knocked off in round 1 since I'm feeling this way, but if I can find somewhere giving me +450 odds I'm going to put 50 bucks on it.
  9. Countdown to UFC 146

  10. 2 days left. Pretty pumped.
  11. [video=youtube]http://youtu.be/_g0Rtzu9qfM[/video]

    weigh ins for the heaviest main card in UFC history
  12. When does it start Dolph?
  13. Prelims about to start on FX, main card starts in 2 hours.
  14. Watching!
  15. same stupid commercials!
  16. :obama:

    usually you skip the prelims like a chump

    4 solid fights, and the first one even has a Brit!
  17. I'm trying to become a super UFC mark.

    Who are these guys then?
  18. Man this announcer is the best I've ever seen. He gets me super pumped.
  19. Hardy is a former #1 contender for the WW belt. (british guy with lame tats and mohawk)

    Duane Ludwig is just a banger who tends to put together a couple of wins and lose to better fighters when he moves up in comp.

    this will be all stand up, I have Ludwig by round 2 KO, but it's probably just because I hate Hardy
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