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  1. 1000 members, all these posts and threads, it now feels like you're in a huge community.

    Without groups, there's no community.

    I'm talking SOMETHING like HF, a section for all of this recruiting and things, you pay to have a official group and hopefully it won't be $1,000,000 like HF (sarcasm).

    But seriously this could add alot of fun to the community, alot of people would definitely take part in it the first day. We could have like "WWE Marks", "ANTI-TNA", "Punk-a-natic" and so much more.

    The features and if it should cost to have a offical group is up to the crew here depending on what comes with having a official group and the difference between a official one and a un-official one.

    (Eddie Guerrero gave me the idea to post this, thanks.)
  2. Crayo said not yet in the other thread so I guess its a future plan. It would be cool tbh.

    Longnecks and rednecks.
  3. "The British People", "Americans".

    War at WWEForums.
  4. You have Randy Savage dropping his pipebombs you win.

    Longnecks and rednecks.
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