Official: Vince Russo Back in TNA as a Consultant

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Apr 20, 2014.

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  1. Currently, the creative team is headed by John Gaburick. His three team members are David Lagana, Matt Conway and Christy Hemme (to work with the Knockouts). The process is that Gaburick sets the direction and comes up with ideas, with the help of the team. They then put it to paper and write the script.

    So is Vince Russo involved? Yes, he is. He is still on the TNA payroll as a consultant and he does offer ideas and do critiques of the televised product. So when you see a segment and say, "That screams Russo", it very well may. Or, it may not. But much like everything in creative goes through Vince McMahon in WWE, that is the same for Gaburick in TNA.

    According to PWInsider, Eric Bischoff is also be said to be serving as a consultant for the company as well. There is believed to be less than three months left on both men's contracts. For the record, Eric Bischoff has gone on Twitter denying this story.


    Based on gimmick matches lately and some other little stuff, and the rumors going around, probably everyone could feel Russo's presence in the TNA product. The difference from his previous run and current is he is now working from home and has a "filter" in John Gaburick. I mean, there's a "commited" match this Sunday at Sacrifice. Who else comes up with stuff like that than Russo?

    And who da fuck cares about Bitchoff anyway anymore? Consultant or not, he's worthless to TNA if he is even affiliated at all. His tweets about PWinsider's admin are fun to read though lmao.

    So, obligatory:
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  2. Couldn't care less about Bischoff nor Russo.
  3. I was one of the few saying Russo coming back might not even be a bad thing, as creativity is something TNA has completely lacked. But, from the looks of it, the guy hasn't changed a bit.
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  4. Great news for TNA.
  5. I think we had all guessed that Russo had been working with TNA recently, the recent stretcher match we saw between Sam Shaw and Mr Anderson just stunk to the high heavens of Vince Russo! lol. I'm going to try and hold my definitive judgements back for a few months just to see whether his influence is beneficial or detrimental for TNA.
  6. Maybe they can stop ripping off WWE now :letroll: :jeritroll:
  7. Interesting. Has seemed fairly obvious for a while that there's a lot of Russo filtering into the show, but it's being filtered. Don't see why any TNA fan should complain about this. Russo > Pritchard. :pipebomb:

    If anything else we need MORE Russo-ness.
  8. I KNEW IT. But yeah, the show hasn't sucked or anything lol.
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    I'm catching up on the last few episodes of Impact right now, but I have to echo the idea that Russo as a consultant or "idea guy" isn't a bad thing. Russo was the architect of the Attitude Era, but his ideas were filtered through Vince McMahon and this was a hugely successful working relationship. It sounds like the people running TNA now understand that Russo's ideas have to be filtered through somebody with his feet on the ground and an idea of what will actually entertain people beyond shock value. So long as they have that idea firmly in place, I'm thinking this can be a successful relationship as well.


    Edit: Finished up to last week's Impact. They've got some interesting things going on right now and some intriguing feuds. Kinda looking forward to Sacrifice now to be honest. wk
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