WrestleMania Official Wrestlemania 28 buys result.

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Apr 16, 2012.

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  1. Source: PWI

    Broke the record even with hundreds of thousands of people streaming. Impressive.
  2. Are we talking about a WWE record? Because I'm pretty sure Mayweather/Dela Hoya did like 2.5 million buys or something retarded like that.

    Lesnar/Mir II also did like 1.6
  3. Obviously a WWE record, lol.
  4. Amazing buyrate. Imagine if they booked Brock in a match as welll? We'd be talking 1.6+.. But no, let's waste him on Extreme Rules #WWElogic
  5. I'm not even sure Brock is going to be a pro wrestling draw tbh.
  6. Very good buy rate. The main event was obviously a huge draw, also HHH vs Taker, Jericho vs Punk... fair.
  7. Thought it was more but I guess that's still good for the WWE.

    I heard people bought the ticket at the last minute because people thought Brock would show up. WWE later said that we never said Brock would come out so that's why we had the last minute ticket sales.
  8. Saw it on RAW last night. I believe WM 29 will break this record, since Brock's going to be there, The Rock and possibly Stone Cold to say the least.
  9. This was marketed to hell though, it'll be hard to beat.
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