WrestleMania Official Wrestlemania 28 Discussion Thread - 1st April 2012

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    The grandest stage of them all is soon approaching, and will be here on 1st April 2012.

    Who will be the winner? The Rock, or John Cena?
    Will Triple H end The Undertaker's streak? Or will The Deadman go 20-0.
    Discuss the PayPerView and post all your predictions here! :smile:

    Also, can this become the biggest thread on WWEForums to date?
    We need over 5000 views and over 1000 replies. Lets go!​

  2. Way to early to post this thread man. I already had this thread made, but @[Crayo] said to wait till we get more confirmed matches.
  3. Elimination Chamber hasn't happened yet and the only matches we know as of now are John Cena Vs. The Rock and Undertaker Vs. Triple H with Special Guest Referee HBK.
    Too early? I guess, but whatever.
  4. Elimination Chamber is only 3 days away.
    According to various sources numerous feuds for Mania are going to be starting on RAW this Monday, so we should have a better picture on more matches by then.
    Until then, we can discuss who we think is going to be facing who, the outcomes, any news about matches etc.

  5. Closing this dude. EC hasn't happened, we don't know the card for WM yet at all either. The WM thread is going to be pretty HQ also.
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