Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Asskicker, Mar 12, 2012.

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  1. Here is the official PPV lineup for WWE in 2012!

    Royal Rumble
    Elimination Chamber
    Wrestlemania 28
    Extreme Rules
    Over the Limit
    No Way Out
    Night of Champions
    Hell in a Cell
    Surivivor Series
  2. WM 28 Few more weeks cant wait to watch
  3. No Way Out back? Sweet!

    If only it replaced EC though.
  4. They need to phase out all of the gimmick match PPV's, because they are killing those types of matches.
  5. Where is the source for this? Or are we speculating? Either way it would be good to see No Way Out back.
  6. No Vengeance or Bragging Rights? Less Pay-Per-Views?
    Hell yeah!
  7. No way out is back, I already posted that :emoji_slight_smile:.

    It's an alright list. I hate the likes of HIAC, EC, TLC and Extreme Rules.
  8. Money in the bank????????????????
  9. Gone, and thank god it has.
  10. If they have the Elimination Chamber at No Way Out, my life will be complete.
  11. So is MitB happening at NO WAY OUT? or is it going to happen at Mania?
  12. Wasn't it happening at Summerslam?
    There was talk this week of making the Money in the Bank ladder match a fixture at the SummerSlam pay-per-view, to make the event feel more special each year. There were rumors that the match and the MITB pay-per-view would be moved to July but at this point that’s not confirmed. The only thing confirmed is the July pay-per-view, whatever it may be, has been moved from Las Vegas to Phoenix.
  13. Sweet MitB at mania then sounds good but screw the two seperate MITB's
  14. Why do you guys think just because they brought back the name 'No Way Out' that it will suddenly be good? Usually that's an EC PPV and since we already had one of those that means, it will probably be a cage or HIAC PPV. Nothing will change.
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