Official WWE 2k14 league sign-up thread (Xbox 360)

Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by David5150, Oct 26, 2013.

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    So, this is the official sign up thread for the WWE 2k14 league that we'll be starting very soon. Try to be active on it and always do your matches so it will be better for everyone! In this league you have to pick one person to use for a while. I don't care if it's a CAW/legend/real superstar, just be reasonable and realistic. If you feel like changing it, message me and I'll give you the go ahead, and you'll have to come back here and edit your message. (If you want to change, you will have to start over and go to the bottom of the food chain unless you are just changing your original CAW name, and a bit of his looks.) Note: When you do your match and you want to add stuff to it like you beat your opponent by interference etc (which are parts of story lines and make it more realistic) message me before I post the show results of that show.

    Sign up template:
    Exhibition Submitting matches (This won't go on your win/loss record or affect much, but I'll definitely be looking at it and making small booking decisions based off of that, note: you'll post it on the backstage I'll post soon):
    Usually let the winner post results though.

    - You can use a submission but you have to have already hit 3 finishers prior, and your submission must be a finisher. Reason to this is because no one wants to be in a match for so long. If you end up losing by a submission, tough luck.
    CAWS - If your main person is a CAW, please don't fill your moveset up with fucked up moves/unreversables, it just wouldn't be fun and fair. Be reasonable.

    Also, if you are using a CAW, the CAW must be 90 or below. If you are using a real wrestler but a CAW of him (say they aren't in the game) the same rules prior are in affect.

    Tag team matches - If you're in a tag team match, it isn't fun if you're breaking up every move, and interfering whenever your opponent gets the upper hand. So in these you have to stay in your corner and you can only break up the pin once like real wrestling. So use it wisely.

    Splitting - Not sure if any of you have experienced this or if they still have this glitch in WWE 2k14, but just incase, you should have someone to watch matches if its just a 1 on 1 match. If it does split, make sure to get proof because I won't know if you're lying.

    Backstage - In the backstage thread make sure to post your name before posting or use OOC to show if you're in Kayfabe or not. Don't go about starting a rivalry with everyone or replying to what everyone says, because that gets annoying. If you want an exhibition match just say something like "Hey anyone want a match." You can also start rivalries backstage because before posting match cards I'll usually read the backstage thread.

    No shows - If you decide to not show up to a card that you are booked on, you will recieve a strike UNLESS you notify me before-hand. If a huge emergency comes up, and you can't make it day of, we'll take that into consideration. It has to be a pretty big emergency though. Don't make a habit out of it please.

    Strikes - 1 strike is basically just a warning, 2 strikes you are banned for a month, on your third strike you will be banned from this for a long time.

    Shows - If you want on a show and I've already posted the match card, just message me, the cards are always subject to change.

    Any problems? Just PM me or ask here, I will be able to deal with a bit. If we get this popular we will get our own subsection so be active here! When you want to post a promo thread or any thread concerning this, use the WWE Games pre-fix, which is what I'll be using too. Note: More rules can be added as we go along, and more info will be given through out the days. Thanks. (This will start on November 1st, which is when I get the game and when the people in UK get the game!)

    Show Spoiler

  2. Nobody yet? I'm actually going to end up getting the game (UW bonus too!) so I might sign up. I won't know my character until I create him so its hard to say what he would be now. I also might wait to see what the schedule is like. Wouldn't want too many strikes. :tough:
  3. CAW Name: Not using a CAW, I will use Daniel Bryan.
    Picture base:
    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler

    Align: Face
    XBL account: Adam568
    Allies (Not necessary): :nope:
  4. I'm not gonna have this game for a while,but, I'm reserving Dean Ambrose.:tough:
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  5. Also thanks David for waiting until November 1st, Me and the rest of the UK guys thank you.
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  6. @Crayo can you sticky these league threads? Means new members will see them because this sign up will eventually drop down the thread list.
  7. This gaming section isn't active enough for these threads to drop down the forum. Especially considering this thread'll be posted on frequently.
  8. I'll wait till I pick it up and create my guy to submit
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    I don`t think I`ll have the game till christmas (If my parents are in a good mood),but I`m reserving Seth Rollins
  10. CAW name: Going with a real superstar. Antonio Cesaro
    Picture Base:
    Show Spoiler

    Alignment: Heel
    Xbox Live Account: TheShadowSoulja
    Allies: Jack Swagger (if anyone signs up as him)
  11. I only really want to play if I can use daniel bryan. :okay:

    EDIT: I'll create bryan danielson!!! FACED @Adam Aries
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  12. Be his evil twin bwahahaha
  13. lol i'll just create Bryan Danielson from ROH :obama:
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  14. Bryan Danielson > Daniel Bryan
  15. Is anyone getting this at midnight tonight?
  16. Not sure brah, I have school :emoji_slight_frown:. You getting it midnight?
  17. Yeah, I believe so. I am planning on picking up after raw and before work.
  18. Then join this league :emoji_wink:
  19. Why does adam get Bryan? We should flip a coin or something.
  20. Um, it was kind of first come first serve, but you could make a Daniel Bryan CAW called Daniel Woods or Bryan Danielson and just have Daniel Bryan's ROH pic base, or how about you guys act as brothers in this league :emoji_grin:
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