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Discussion in 'WWE 2K17' started by Joe Casey, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. Perhaps 2K could hook up kinect for create-a-special move
  2. 1. More then 6 superstars in the ring, upgrade it to 10 so we can have traditional survivor series elimination matches!
    2. Bring back sound grunts, when they use to kick and scream. Made the game much more realistic and fun!
    3. More stuff for diva caws. (I am a fan of making my own divas and i'm sick of finding glitches and painting over stuff to make an outfit.
    4. General Manger Mode. With the amount of shows that we have in the game, It could be an amazing addition. Not to mention if Universe mode meshed with it, you could battle up to 5 Shows of your choosing!
    5. No more blurs on the superstar body's. (I think it's safe to say when everyone went to put their name on the trunks. That blur always got in the way!
    6. Give your made superstar voices.
    7. Commentator of your choosing in your arena.
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  3. A decent season mode where things truly happen. For example I've created a great universe but nothing happens in it ever. Lets get injuries happening more regularly, some cutscenes, rivalries, an overness rating, stat increases and decreases, ageing and many more random events. It never feels like a living breathing universe you just wrestle matches and nothing happens except ranking changes. I mean come on its got to be do able these days.
  4. a career mode similar to Madden's Connected Careers. you can be a superstar, diva, manager, general manager, or a boss. for those modes you could use current, custom or legend
  5. They need to add more tag team entrances. Its been the same ones since what 09?

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