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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Jun 23, 2013.

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    WWE Fantasy League!​
    How it will work:​
    You will make a team, You will give it a name. I will use a site to randomise your team of 3. You will rack up points on how bad/good your team and wrestlers are doing. At the end (My estimated time for ending is Survivor Series may change) there will be a prize in forum cash, You may wish to add forum cash to this prize at any time and it will be greatly appreciated.​
    Win a match by pinfall/Submission: 10 points​
    Win a match by DQ/Count out: 8 points​
    No contest: 0 points​
    Lose a match by pinfall/submission: 0 points​
    Lose by DQ: 0 points​
    Lose by count out: 2 points​
    Win a world title: 20 points​
    Win a mid-card title: 15 points​
    Win the MITB briefcase: 15 points​
    Win a stipulation match (No.1 contenders, Loser leaves etc): 12 points​
    During live discussions/after shows I will give points for things: Finisher through announce table etc​
    One team per person​
    No flaming because someone has more points/better team​
    Sign Up Application:​
    Team Name​

    Current Teams:​
    Adam568 with: Team sWo (Scottish World Order)​
    Rhodes with: The Spanish XXX Society​
    Lacky with: Team Lack​
    NanoRah14 with: Team Junk Can​
    Suicide with: Team Ascension​
    DKJames with: Resolution​
    Brad_96 with: Dream Team​
    B.Dazzle with: Team Dazzlers​
    Jedi Master Farooq with: Jedi Council Of WWEF​
    death with: Team JesusFreaks​
    Catwoman with: Team 9 Lives​
    TheBeardedVagina with: Team we're awesome people who are so much better at being awesome than Crayo or Aids Johnson also we're hotter than Alkaline and bears​

  2. Rodrigo

    The Spanish XXX Society
  3. Sign me up.​
    Username: Lacky​
    Team Name: Team Lack​
  4. Wait what's the point of posting a username if you can check it

  5. If im quickly going through the thread it makes it easier
  6. NanoRah14. My team will be this video

    Just kidding. My team name will be Junk Can
  7. Username: Suicide​
    Team Name: The Ascension ​
  8. Nice, I like that name

  9. I heard WWE might be remaking them in NXT. It's going to be interesting on who they choose to replace Cameron.
  10. Yeah
  11. Username: DK James​
    Team Name: Resolution​
  12. Username: Brad_96

    Team name: Dream Team
  13. I would like to join.


    Team Name-The Dazzlers
  14. After we get a few more teams we will start :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. Username: Jedi Master Farooq
    Team Name: Jedi Council of WWEF
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  16. I'm drunk so fuck it.

  17. U/N The Bearded Vagina
    T/N the we're awesome people who are so much better at being awesome than Crayo or Aids Johnson also we're hotter than Alkaline and bears :adr:
  18. Jesusfreaks is on word you kunt :aries: :mad2: :finger:

  19. :stfu:
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