Royal Rumble Official WWE Royal Rumble 2012 Thread

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by William, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Decided that I might aswell make this!


    Match card: (Will update when matches are announced)

    30 Man Royal Rumble Match

    I'll update this when more information is available. Basically just chat in here about the ppv and when the ppv is on everyone join in and we can all chat as it happens!


    Who are your picks to win the Royal Rumble? I have to go with Sheamus or Kane but whoever the 2012 videos are for might be person who wins it?
  2. For the rumble win I'm gonna go for either Orton or Wade Barrett. I wonder whats going to happen with Cena? It's going to be pointless having him in the rumble as his match with Rock is already arranged.
  3. Really looking forward to it this year. Normally every Rumble has a big return. As for who's winning it, I'm regrettably thinking it might be Sheamus, but he's been so redundant and has been doing nothing in these months, so I'm not sure. I'd prefer it to be Miz, or a returning Jericho, or Wade Barret. Maybe Christian, but I doubt the WWE will give him that achievement. I pray it's not Del Rio again.