Survivor Series Official WWE Survivor Series predictions contest!

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  1. Done

    Big E v Axel was announced today but who cares
  2. That match doesn't even need a prediction, its fairly obvious.
  3. yo @Jonathan can i change my choice? Are you adding the IC match, or is that not part of it?
  4. Nah I'm not adding it. Whatya wanna change?
  5. Tr-Tr-Triple post
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    like you
  7. Can I still put Langston/Axel as the first match tie breaker answer even though the match is no where on the poll?
  8. Alright,now it's saying it's "not accepting responses". Did you give the poll a certain closing time? If so,can I just PM you my answers?
  9. whats a good site to stream it from? Cant get on the one I usually use :emoji_slight_frown:
  10. Click back once and you should go back to the form with it filled in, then click submit. I closed it, looked at responses, saw you hadn't got yours in then re-opened it. quick
  11. Submitted,thanks<3
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  12. Entries are now closed!
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