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  1. WWE TLC 2013
    Discussion thread

    December 15 8 ET/5 PT

    Toyota Center, Houston TX

    Lets run down the card!

    Kickoff match:
    Dolph Ziggler vs Fandango
    Divas title match:
    AJ Lee (c) vs Natalya

    IC Title match:
    Big E Langston (c) vs Damien Sandow

    Tag titles fatal fourway:
    Rhodes brothers (c) vs the Real Americans vs Big Show & Rey Mysterio vs "Rybaxel"
    3 on 1 handicap match:
    CM Punk vs The Shield

    3 on 1 handicap match:
    Daniel Bryan vs the Wyatt Family
    Title Unification Match:
    John Cena (World champ) vs Randy Orton (WWE champ)

  2. It's free for UK fags on Sky Sports 4.
  3. Wonder how they'll handle the handicap matches, it looks like the Wyatts can't lose but Bryan HAS to be protected at this point. Just don't see how they can get out of that except maybe a DQ.

    Looking forward to this quite a bit, not sure about watching live.
  4. for me it has to be tomorrow. I have no real internets in the new apartment yet and I am saving up my comp hours to take out between christmas and new years.
  5. Solid line up imo. I really want HHH to win it.
  6. Ouch. Maybe you can watch it on mobile or something... either way, times sound pretty tough for you lately, but you'll pull through. You always do.

    Best of luck in your new life, brother.
  7. Times are looking up actually. Just moved into a 3 room apartment, got a nice job that pays well, a car and such. Just takes time to get internet to the apartment since they haven't got fiber out here in the suburb/village I live in.

    In the future the plan is to flex my work hours (I determine when I work basically) for ppvs so I have at least half monday off for sleeps after.
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  8. If Triple H takes home the belts it'll be the best PPV for ages regardless of whatever else happens. Punk/Shield and the fatal fourway are the only other matches I'll watch.
  9. Non-Storyline wise, the tag team match is the most unpredictable. Cody and Goldust have had a solid run, but it might be time for them to lose the belts. The question is- Who will win? There are many possibilities for the Main Event. Orton could win, leading to complete Authority domination and supremacy. Cena could win, leading to multiple battles between him and the Authority who will try to gain the Unified Championship. Cena could replace Orton in the Authority, which seems quite strange even though we did see what happened at the end of the ascension ceremony. I really don't have predictions for this show. I guess it makes it a bit more exciting.
  10. Can't fucking wait.
  11. Can't fucking wait.
  12. Might actually watch this if I'm around
  13. This looks like a pretty good PPV. Not that I'll be putting money down for it or anything, but if someone could hook me up with a link to a reliable streaming site, that would be much appreciated.
  14. Anybody who misses this live will miss a great show, trust me.
  15. Seabs, why do you always have to be so optimistic on a wrestling forum? Don't you know that's not welcome here? :lol1:

    Seriously, this show just has that certain "feel" about it. Like something awesome is going to happen... if not, then the card looks good anyway. Win-win.
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  16. What i predict in third person

    Cena and Randy are beating the living hell out of each other then cena fu punk off the ladder but also falls

    Cole - both men lay in the ring whats going to happen
    Cole - Talking.......... Wha what the hell its triple h whys he out here
    HHH announces himself in the match win

    Pure gold
  17. Yep I don't think it'll be something monumental or anything but it'll be like Payback was just a ton of fun.
  18. Pulling for a Natalya divas title win tonight.
  19. Thread is now live also ( I think, I have no idea what it being live means but it was a button I haven't seen before)
  20. Yeah it's live now.
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