Official deadline day thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Rysenberg, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. That's right guys, it's a football fan's favourite time of the year - Deadline day!

    Now I'm sitting here, nursing a semi just thinking about HIM. Yep, the strongest partnership you will ever see, maybe with exception of Moss, Wolf and Dover, that's right, only a few hours before Sawyer and White will be on our screens :yes:

    In a couple of hours I will be heading up to Asda, £15 in hand, ready to stock up on supplies for later on tonight (updates on that to be posted soon). As for now, just a half opened packet of lovehearts and Irn Bru in a free McDonald's glass is all I've got.

    So, any transfer news besides Samba and Graham at the moment?
  2. Rumours says that Arsenal have made a bid for David Villa, price? Around £10 million.


    And Beckham is on his way to Paris to confirm his move to PSG, press conference at 5 pm CET.
  3. Graham going to Sunderland it seems. I wanted United to go for Begovic but it seems like he's staying with Stoke. QPR might be getting David Bentley :LOL1:
  4. Fulham got Emanuelson it seems from AC Milan. He's a great midfielder, very skilful, good signing.
  5. Only for a loan right? Could be great for Fulham.
  6. Yeah on loan. He's a great player though.
  7. DONE DEAL: QPR has confirmed the signing of Christopher Samba.
  8. Liverpool signing nobody.

    PSG have signed Brand Beckham.
  9. Danny Graham has signed for Sunderland for £5mil

    Junior Hoilett is NOT going to Sunderland apparently.

    Middlesborough have signed Captain Injury, Keiron Dyer

    Becchio has signed for Norwich from Leeds with Steve Morrision going the other way.

    I'm literally transcribing SSN as we speak...

    Harry Redknapp has been interviewed in his 4x4

    Curtis Davies possibly going to Norwich

    Leon Barnett possibly going to Birmingham

    Stoke City have put a £4mil bid in for Jack Butland with Ryan Shotton going the other way on loan.
  10. Messi has just signed for Arsenal:otunga:
  11. This confuses me. Butland rejected Chelsea as he wanted first team football, but he won't get picked ahead of Begovic.

    Poor signing, too small.
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