Official XBOX Gamertags and PSN ID's.

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    Hey everyone,I created this thread so that we could play with each other on WWE 13 or other games.Enter your XBOX Gamertags and PSN ID's here.I will update the list.

    XBOX GT List
    1)Based God Darth = Darth 6am3r
    2)Adam568 = Adam568
    3)Fireshock = ROCKERT799

    PSN ID List
  2. Nice idea Darth! Xbox Live: Adam568
  3. Good idea darth :yes:GT: ROCKERT799
  4. We need to have some more matches online :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. :yes:
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  6. My GT: BlueTumbas Getting '13 in the next few days so that will be kewl
  7. SlXES

    (l is an L)
  8. GT - JonathanSAFC

    FIFA13/CoD 4 only.
  9. I don't have WWE'13, but my gamertag on sexbox is my forum name. :smug-47:
  10. Finally got WWE'13 so add me. BlueTumbas
  11. Lingstar4 on Xbox 360 :emoji_slight_smile:

    I do have WWE 13!
  12. Muuuftah, on both systems.

    Xbox: I only play FIFA and WWE'13
    PS3: I play, FIFA, WWE'13, Blops 2, MW2 and GTA.

    If you want a game on anything feel free to message me or add me!
  13. My xbox live Gamertag is the TheSciFiGirl, i am online most days, i do play WWE 13 so if you want to add me you are more than welcome to.
  14. GT: Randy Borton
    I play the PSTriple cuz da Wii and the Xbox Circle are shit.
  16. Xbox: xLeGeNdKillerRz
    PS3: Im_A_Fucking_Faggot
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  17. DrAidsJonhsn, xbl. Kept getting random hate and had to change my name, picked this garbage and im stuck with it. Add me for random horrible gaming, but dont forget your mics.
  18. Haha, that's so awesome.
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