Official Xbox Live and PSN Gamertag Thread!

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  1. I know many of us are gamers on here so I thought it would be a cool idea to make a thread and we can all put our Gamertags in it. I'll update the main post with your Gamertag in it.

    Playstation or Xbox?:
    Just answer those questions so I know where to put it :otunga:

    Xbox Live Gamertags





    Playstation 3 Gamertags



    Leo C
  2. No point giving PSN as I will trade it in for an XBOX soon.

    I have already created an XBOX Live tag for anyone who wants it when I get it: SamalanLowe
  3. Updated with your gamertag!
  4. DrAidsjohnsn
  5. Shazhead55 PS3
  6. Is that for Xbox or PS3? Also updated!
  7. Live and it's DrAidsjonhsn. Don't add me for minecraft or other trash pls. Halo l4d2 and skyrim is what I'm on lately
  8. You should also list which user belongs to which gamertag/psn as it might not be obvious. Perhaps what games they play too.

    XBL: xSolidus
    Games: MW3, Black Ops, Minecraft
  9. XBL: Ratedr0ss
    Games: Fifa 12, MW3 (sometimes)
  10. I've got another idea which I'm gonna do which will make this look alot nicer and it will also show which your latest games played are!


    Updated everything now, Should look better and it tells you their 5 most recent played games so you should be able to tell which their favorites are from that! :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. PSN = ijnbgv

    No, seriously.
  12. dont have xbox or playstation
  13. :lol: :gtfo:
  14. Nothing's coming up...Are you lying to me Regal? :bury:
  15. Well I'm sorry but I can't find your gamertag on any site :upset:
  16. DrAidsjonhsn
  17. Might as well put mine on here, need more people on my lists :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    PSN - mark_htfc
    XBOX - Markhtfc
  18. PSN: Leo_C-HHH
  19. *UPDATED*
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