Officials apparently on the fence on Cesaro

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. Give him a feud and a more clear cut gimmick and the guy will get over. Simple as that.

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  2. These dirtsheets are such a load of bullshit.

    BREAKING NEWS: Officials maybe like Antonio Cesaro, you read it here first!
  3. Meh, either way, so am I. He's a great wrestler and a terrible speaker with no charisma. He should have stayed as a tag-team with Hero.
  4. Improve his mic skills. For now I'd just give him the United States championship to at least give him some screen time, and hopefully they'd improve his skills too so he cut better promos. If not, take the belt away in a couple of months giving it to someone else then just give him a tag team partner.
  5. I don't see him having the title a big improvement. I guess it's better than Santino though.
  6. He's great in the ring.. but I agree with Crayo he and Hero should have never been split up.. why the fuck would WWE rather have two guys nobody will care about instead of pushing those two as the next face of the tag team division? It's pointless
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  7. Hero has a much better chance at succeeding on his own than Cesaro imo, but they were so good as a team. Hero can cut pretty decent promos.
  8. Whatever Hero's chances are you can add them up with Claudio's chances, multiply them by two and they still don't have half the chance they had of succeeding as a team. WWE just doesn't want to commit to the tag division
  9. Completely agreed. I like the Scott Steiner maths there.
  10. I'm happy with them as singles guys just because of the fucking tag script they'd have to deal with.

    They better get off the fence quickly, I've never seen WWE drop the ball on the guy as quickly as they have with Cesaro.
  11. Bring back his old Military gimmick from FCW and have him be a more vicious guy and hook him up with a manager (paging AW). If they run the hinted feud with Christian I think it can get him over just on his ring work. How the hell did they think having a guy introduce himself in five languages would get him heat?
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  12. If WWE "creatives" fuck him up, then they are REALLY REALLY useless. Castagnoli is a tremendous talet.
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  13. In a way I'd say his introduction was probably fucked up since it was connected to the whole Johnny Ace as GM story, with Cesaro being the foil to Long. When the Ace story was cut short Cesaro's was as well.
  14. Yeah, when he started speaking the 5 languages I thought the exact same thing: He's not getting heat for that. Well, anyway, he can work very well but he's not a good speaker, so a manager would be nice. I don't know, I don't think they've started things very well with him but it's not that bad either. A manager (who can speak, not Aksana) could help.
  15. Quite interested on how you'd book him. He sucks at talking, so would you perhaps align a manager with him? Or put him back with Hero? OR something else?
  16. His gimmick needs to be a Suiss banker and he needs to have an American manager and valet, it'd do wonders since he's limited in promos (not so limited as yout think, though, he can work)...
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  17. You'd work him as a insanely rich banker I presume? Buying people off and such?
  18. Wouldn't do the rich gimmick with someone like Alberto around, the rich gimmick works best when there is only one rich person, otherwise they'll have a feud over their money, and it won't end until they lose their cash or something.
  19. He's got a US title shot in the Summerslam preshow, Is this the make or break moment?
  20. Not sure I'd book that. Getting the title off Santino is great, but giving it to Cesaro right now could work against him, plus, if Santino wins we all rage.
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