Oh HHH, how you were wrong.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. Skip to 2 minutes. Miz and Cena saw the potential.
  2. I changed my mind,

    HHH is sort of right because when Cena, Rock, Triple H, Undertaker, Randy etc are all gone then these new talents will be filling their spots.
  3. Well dur...

    He was saying that only 1 or 2 people wanted him back (even though there was like 200k watching his vids weekly) then changed the subject. Few months later they're forced to use him because of how over he was.
  4. Well yes he was being arrogant there I agree but his words about the new talents are true and that you cannot deny.
  5. Obviously it's true, anyone knows that top stars can't stay forever, that's kindergarden stuff.
  6. And now they've buried Ryder and killed most of the momemtum he had.
  7. I know right, fucking stupid.
  8. Yeah what do you know #wwelogic does it again get someone who through his intelligent use of social media get's himself over and a small push of the WWE then they balls it and ruin the momentum he had and now what?
  9. Triple H did see Zach's potential, Zach reminds me of a younger Edge, he has a long road ahead of him
  10. I wonder if Zack was originally meant to lose the US title so quickly, the match against swagger was only made because of ref's botch the previous week, so originally Zack might have been booked stronger. However, I agree with all of you saying he needs to be booked better now and he definitely needs a strong showing at mania
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