Oh James Storm - What will we do with you?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Mar 14, 2013.

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    TNA seems to be having a hard time with figuring out what they want with James Storm. Throughout 2012 he faced stop/start pushes and when not suddenly being pushed he was used as some form of more kind burying machine (never quite beating someone so bad that they would be buried but still beating them). Storm has showed that he can be one of the top guys in the company but TNA seemingly doesn't want to take the chance with the Tennessee native, which is hurting him.

    Whenever they give Storm a push they seem to want to end them at the worst possible time. Last time he had actually won a world title shot and was set to take on the champion but chose to derail that to focus on Roode, Aries and Hardy and then Daniels. This is hurting Storm since it sort of sends out the message that Storm will never be a top guy, just a gatekeeper smelling the fine dining of a top guy through the open window. TNA needs to figure out what they want to do with him because they are dropping the ball on him big time. Storm is 35 years old and is just now hitting his prime as a performer (late bloomer) and could be something really good if cultivated well. But right now it seems like that is not to be.

    So here are the discussions for this topic.

    How would you handle the James Storm situation in TNA?

    If Storm were to go elsewhere, do you think he would do well in say WWE? Triple H is reportedly high on him and wants to sign both him and his old Beer Money cohort Bobby Roode. Could Storm do well in the WWE?

  2. I just never saw main event in this guy. He's great in a tag team and a good mid carder. I never bought into his world title reign and was actually pissed off he got the strap before Roode. He should feud for the TV title in TNA, and stay in TNA. He'd be quickly lost in the shuffle if he went over to WWE. I know that he's over with the IZ crowd, but personally I just find him to be OK, there are too many guys better than him in TNA right now, he should be no where near the world title picture.
  3. I see a main eventer in him, and indeed they keep stopping his pushes. It just always seems like it's someone else's turn, and he has to wait more. It does hurt him, it's all a question of whether he'll get that big shot without stepping aside for someone else or it much time will go by. So he may still get his big shot but when he's past his prime.
  4. Don't forget one thing. He's the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, he already won the big one guys, in a cool moment vs. Kurt Angle.

    The question is, how should he win the 2nd reign? As a babyface? I think not.

    As a heel though? Why not try it? I'd give it a shot. Storm's a great worker, I feel it'd work.
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