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    @Dat Kid it's Aids! Remember me? We used to left4dead2 when you still lived in that amazing* state you came from! Remember? New Jersey? Worst state in the union, land of the free and the home of sub 80 IQ's?

    What movie are you working on bro?! You meet any hollywood stars? Dustin Diamond? Pauly Shore?
  2. Is this a thing now?
  3. ....when wasn't it a thing here.
  4. Up until recently.
  5. Used to it was done through statuses, but its always been done junior.
  6. Thats my point.
  7. I've always made I'm bored at work threads in the LR. That's all my deth thread was.
  8. i know there have been other threads like this, but usually just once in a great while.
  9. 1. New Jersey > Obesityville, Wisconsin
    2. #irrelevant
  10. way to ignore the question. How is your new featured film going?
    Why umad? I don't run your poorly handled education facilities.
    There are a lot of fatties here.
  11. The first film I did was "The Nurse", which is like some sort of thriller type movie that'll probably end up on lifetime. The movie I'm working on now is "What Now" which'll probably go straight to DVD because the guy is a first time writer, director, and he cast himself as the lead. However there are a decent amount of celebrities in it. Jake The Snake, DDP, Ice-T, Coco, & Bizzy Bones
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  12. oh snap, do the law and order svu theme with Ice-T for me.
  13. His scenes are done already
  14. What are you in the films?
  15. He plays Farooq a virgin with a afro and no chance of getting laid.
  16. Just a PA
  17. That sounds insane and unbelievable.
    You still get to beat guts on the female extras?
  18. Stawp lying Jabri...
    You are in Cali shooting pornos. :pity:
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