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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Cloud, Nov 5, 2013.

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  1. Well watching RAW and just marked my tits off to see Tyson Kidd not only wrestling but wrestling with Nattie and getting a win.

    Wonder if this marriage paired with Total Divas is gonna get him up the card?

    At the very least him and Ricardo as Los Locales would be a sweet deal.
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  2. Oh God. Would mark if that happens. It'd be in my honest opinion, awesome
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  3. It was good to see him back,he did a swell job last night. I hope the WWE doesn't just book him in meaningless matches for a couple weeks and then throw him back down in NXT/Superstars,it'd be sweet if they actually did something with him this time.
  4. Totally agree guys and him and Ricardo could be a decent tag team as well theres loads to do with him so heres hoping as unusual not just seeing him on RAW but getting a win. Hope im not getting my hopes up for nothing.
  5. Although I'm definitely the biggest Tyson Kidd mark on the forum, I marked even harder for The Final Cut on Cesaro
  6. Awesome match, awesome team.

    Didn't realise he was the second Locale..
  7. Yeah its Tyson found out a bit back of Bleacher Report.
  8. Lol its where I live buddy. World famous place produced many fine bands and people over the years.
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  9. I was somewhat excited to see him as well, but hopefully he's developed (or will soon develop) some kind of personality and improved his mic skills quite a bit. If he hasn't, then he'll be struggling for TV time again before you know it. I always feared that Tyson Kidd would end up being another Charlie Haas-type wrestler - great in the ring but severely lacking in every other area, like having an entertaining personality, charisma, mic skills, etc., resulting in him being pushed down the card and out of anything remotely relevant. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  10. How dare you say the Haas of Pain had no personality!? Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin = Ratings
  11. :haha:

    I did enjoy them as The World's Greatest Tag Team back then. Wished they had never split up, as they made a great addition to the tag team division.
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  12. Damn, looks like I accidentally skipped past his segment. I didn't know he was on it. I'll rewatch it now,
  13. It was easy to miss :lol1:
  14. I love you cloud but what a garbage title man.

    Make the title like you would your 8th grade english papers FFS. I'm pretty sure you went to at least 8th grade.
  15. I was very glad to see him back and getting a win. Not sure where they're going with him now, although I'd mark for a feud vs Axel for sure. Also marked for Goldust hitting the Final Cut btw.
  16. Lol I get what you're saying but its how saying Manchester sounds when you are from here. Its a joke on Liam Gallagher an how he says it as its what we sound like.
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