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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Shadow, Apr 21, 2013.

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    Hey everyone, Andrew here, I go by Shadow among the wrestling world though. I found this place through a convo with Crayo so I wanted to give this place a try.

    Here's some info about myself you may or may not care about:

    - Age: 19

    -Favorite Wrestler of All Time & Why: Chris Jericho, one of my first wrestling moments I can remember is watching Jericho take on Rey Jr. in WCW and I've been a fan of Jericho's since then.

    -Favorite Current Wrestler & Why: Dean Ambrose, I found one of his old CZW promos and was hooked from then on.(I'm one of the biggest Ambrose fans you'll ever meet)

    - Favorite Indy Wrestler & Why: Chuck Taylor, he makes kids cry.

    -Favorite Diva & Why: Audrey Marie, she has it all.

    -How long I've been a fan of wrestling: 16 Years

    -Favorite Wrestling Company: WCW, but currently TNA.
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  2. Chuckie T <3 Welcome, I thought we were still merging just later on :hmm:
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    Chuckie is amazing, thanks and I'm sure we will merge somewhere down the line.
  4. Welcome dude.

    Also, what's this about merging?
  5. MachinimaPalooza and WWEForums were going to merge together to create one big forum,that's why this place got a new skin,but, it seems the merge has been delayed for quite a while.
  6. Oh awesome, never even knew about it.
  7. Any Chuckie T fan is welcome here. I'm a Gargano man myself but my avatar clearly states I am also infatuated with the Kentucky Gentleman.
  8. Welcome man, I'm sure you'll have a great time around.
  9. Oh hai der Shadow
  10. Haiii sexai<3
  11. :mad1:
  12. Yeah you too will fit in here :please:

  13. :goatface:
  14. Welcome to the forum bro, hope you have a nice stay here :emoji_grin:
  15. Hey hope you stick around. Were you the guy of the sign?
  16. Hey, welcome to the forum.
  17. Haii there [​IMG]
  18. Basically Crayo had to pass a swag fag test to buy MP. However he did not have enough swag and a bit too much fag so he wasn't allowed to until he improves on the swag.

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