ohh well

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  1. im a boss
  2. Shh Mike, shh.
  3. This is where all my data is stored http://i.imgur.com/pac5K.jpg
  4. Cloud data is unreliable. Giving corporations what they want yet again. Don't they have enough control over you as it is?
  5. For you Mike.

  6. no mine is in the rain clounds
  7. Ahh yes the rain clouds. I understand your "logic" now.
  8. I'm the Hoff.
  9. I'm the Otunga.
  10. I'm UID1.
  11. I'm UID 0

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    There is a 2 infront of it but it still counts.
  12. That means you're not even a user, but instead a loser.

  13. I was a user before being a user was cool. #Hipster
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Sup
  16. you.
  17. okkkkkkkkkkk
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