Ohhhhh You Didn't Know ?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM CRUNK, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. Ohhhh You Didn't Know ? You Better 'Tell' Somebodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !

    So was hoping to start a little forum fun.

    The way this works is someone leaves a name of a former wrestler/manager etc. and the next person to post must post a fact they think no one knows about the previous choosen wrestler, and then leave the name of the wrestler/manager they have choosen, and so on.

    I Think Ive explained this pretty well :smug:
  2. I believe you should post the name of a wrestler to start the game. :hmm:
  3. Start the game :goatface:
  4. ill start
    paul bearer
  5. hahahahaha !
    Thanks Leo
    My mind works in special ways :lol1:

    Ok, keeping in spirit of the thread name.........

    "The Road Dogg" Jesse James !!
  6. His real name is William Moody
  7. Your supposed to post another wrestlers/managers name underneath your answer :smug:

    This thread went amazingly well :pity:
  8. He's from Texas.
    Ricardo Rodriguez
  9. also known as chimaera in FCW
  10. I did, Slick is a manager from the 80s :pity1:
  11. Edge entered wrestling when he won an essay contest about wrestling


    CM Punk ??


    I knew that :upset:
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