Ohno call up halted

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. Ohno, Y u no get in gym?

  2. "According to trainers at NXT, Ohno seemed reluctant in the weightlifting and gym sessions, although he continued to receive high marks for his overall attitude"

    What? That doesn't make any sense.

    Agree with this decision, if the guy isn't gonna look like he's ready for TV then he shouldn't be on TV. Wonder what they're going to do with that storyline though, is someone else going to take his spot?

    I nominate Sami. :smug:
  3. According to other dirtsheets they are high on Kruger and are looking to debut him. But then again, Heyman did tell Punk to STAY DOWN on Smackdown (But that is mostl ikely just me reading into it too much)
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  4. Don't be fucking stubborn, Ohno. You're talented, you're a future star, but at the moment you're not one. Punk can afford to say "Look, HHH, stfu, I'm not working out" - you can't. Get in the gym and get in acceptable shape.
  5. I NOTICED IT THAT TOO! I was thinking about what if Graves were to be another new Heyman guy, but I thought I was reading too much into things as well. Dunno' how much Heyman pays attention to NXT. :hmm:
  6. Kruger as a Heyman guy would be disgusting. Ew.
  7. Kruger isn't the Heyman guy being possibly teased. Graves is.
  8. Meant Graves. Both are ew regardless. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  9. What is the appeal of Graves? He sucks lol.
  10. Yes, yes you are.

    Also, can anyone link me a promo or a match as to why this guy is so damn great? He's shown me nothing to get excited about. (Besides his match with Regal obvi)
  11. oh and while we're at it can someone explain what is so great about Kruger as well?

    I don't watch NXT regularly, so I haven't seen a ton of either guy, but from what I have seen these two are both lame as hell.
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  12. Obviously having a good match with Sami Zayn isn't much of an accomplishment, the guy can carry a doorknob, but he had a really good showing in this match:

    Congrats, Leo. First good thing I've seen out of you after a year of watching this.
    Agree on Graves as well, but there's potential there.
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  13. Ohno's always said that he hates the gym and would skip it during his high school football days because he was ashamed of people seeing him trying to work out. Regardless, if he's going to let the gym stop him from becoming the star that he deserves to be then that would make me sad.

    Despite his look, he still should have been called up to the roster months ago. It's kind of ironic that he wasn't put into The Shield because then we wouldn't have to see his love handles on tv.
  14. If anyone defends Ohno on this then I don't know what to say. This is obviously all on him and if he thinks, as Crayo said, he can skip obligatory gym sessions because company officials are high on him he's out of his mind. Although let's not rule out the possibility of whether something personal affected his work-out routine or anything that might have hurt it in general. It's a shame though as this had to be the case right before a potential debut, even more so if they really are high on him. I like the idea of him being a Heyman guy but I think him debuting to the aid of Punk would be more interesting.
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  15. Would also hold some depth to it already as they already have an established connection (Ohno mentioned this when he was feuding with Regal not too long ago saying that Ohno and Punk were like Regal's students back then). This storyline interests me more rather Ohno being another Heyman Guy or him being part of the Shield. Of course, that's just me relaying what I know what I've seen the past couple of months. Not sure if there's anything I need to know outside of that should influence my opinion otherwise.
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  16. -Rich history.
    -Would be less predictable than, e.g., Ohno being a Heyman guy or Ohno joining The Shield.

    Also, I feel it would be more interesting in general. If they are to do a handicap story with Punk the attention will mostly be on Punk and Ohno debuting in a stable with two established guys would take a lot of heat from his debut. On the other hand, if Ohno debuts to aid Punk, people will wonder who the heck this guy is and what he has against Heyman's group and/or to do with Punk. People would be all on Ohno and if the company officials really want him to make it big, I feel this would be the way to give him some heat quick fast.
  17. Wrestlers in development who show they cant be bothered to put in gym time like this guy Ohno dont deserve to be make it in WWE he should be released and WWE should give someone more deserving a push and to put on the main roster
  18. Hmm, stable? I was thinking of them being more of a tag-team. A bit like Punk/Kingston. And since Punk is on the road to becoming face, I don't see how he'd have much heat at the moment since he's feuding with Heyman + his guys. I was thinking maybe something along the lines of a Heyman guy (was thinking just Lesnar, but Axel could fit in an attack or two somewhere) constantly beating on the straight edge man for weeks on end and Punk having to reach out to one of his 'close' friends to aid him (would also make sense since it doesn't seem like Punk has a close connection with anyone on the main roster currently anyway, but when does WWE delve into much continuity as such). Kind of like how AJ reached out to Big E (though not having any kind of indication they knew each other beforehand) and brought him to main roster. Though, I would hope Ohno would have more a lot more liberation on his character than Big E does.
  19. Errr, I don't know if you read my post wrong or if I worded it wrong, but that's what I was thinking, haha. Yeah, what I had in mind was a tag team like you suggested after Ohno runs in to clean house or at least help Punk fight back the Heyman guys. I don't think I want continuous additions to both Heyman's group and Punk's team if that's what you thought I meant. That would lead to a more repetitive story than anything.

    In short: I completely agree with you. lol
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