Ohno/Regal edit

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Delbusto2, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. Great NXT match, they need to call Ohno up already.

  3. This weeks NXT Gohan.
  4. What seabs said. This weeks NXT. It's not like the old one that was on TV, no challenges or competitions. Just the guys that aren't on the main roster wrestling each other. They have a main title (the NXT title) and a tag title.
  5. AHAHA! Enough with NXT! I can't see it so it don't count! now that it was better when it was on us TV since it stink when it was on TV to.
  6. Sad that you think that since NXT is the best hour of wrestling currently in production. Every match is good. The stories and feuds are good. There are some amazing characters on there and the crowd at Full Sail University is amazing.
  7. NXT is good Gohan. Nothing like what it used to be, it's much better now.
  8. I'd happily send you some episodes Gohan if you would want to try it. As Pyro and I have said. It is amazing.
  9. I liked the match, Regal won it :otunga:

    Well, great video too man
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