WrestleMania Ok at The Rock said that he going to wrestle at Wrestlmania 29! TRUE?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Feb 26, 2012.

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  1. Undertaker

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  2. CM Punk

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  3. John Cena Part 2

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  4. Randy Orton

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  5. Triple H

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  6. Shawn Michaels hay hedid said he may wrestler 1 more match?

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  7. Sheamus

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  8. Stone Cold Part 4

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  9. He will NOT WRESTLER AT WRESTLEMANIA 29 this is a JOKE!

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  10. OTHER!

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  1. http://www.sescoops.com/wrestling-news/wwe/the-rock-wrestling-at-mania-29-cena-appears-on-speed-tv/​


    Has said that The Rock will wrestle at WM29 who think this is true? And if true since the whole Cena thing over who would you want The Rock to face at next year WM29? Me I would have him vs. The Undertaker if taker if not retire at this Hell in the Cell which I don't thin he will be! B/c I thin the streak will go to 20-0! But I want to here what U thin I going to post poll up I so pretty good wrestler that he may vs. at WM29 IF this is true!​

  2. Rock vs Cena 3? Rock wins at Mania making Cena turn heel, rematch at Summerslam which Cena wins and then this is the rubber stamp match.
  3. Could be Cena, but I'd love for it to be a Jericho or Punk.
  4. Taker is the only reasonable opponent. The Rock competes at Summerslam ending the Cena feud. Then comes back for an appearance and the Deadman shows up challenging the Great one. Or else whenever the Rock is going to be involved in a match, I'm always excited.
  5. I don't think so! It would be to mach people get away from and would want to see something new. but my poll up now. But I think Undetraker should vs. him at WM29!

    I would hate for it to be Cena again but DAM I forgot about Y2J dam it should have put him on the poll!
  6. I can't see it being Taker tbh. It would be a huge match but he needs to wrestle Cena at some point and Taker has so few Manias left.
  7. It can't be anyone else besides Cena or Taker. Someone else would just be lame. Unless it's HHH but if it was HHH that means no Taker next wrestlemania :emoji_slight_frown:

    Taker wins hopefully so we can put the damn shovel in a suit backstage and make him stop burying the roster. Oh wait he already established Sheamus to do so because he knows he will lose to Taker thus making him not able to do his normal barrying.
  8. He wrestling Cena this year that no point in having another match! When he can vs. someone that he not vs. at WM!
  9. I'm talking about Taker, hence why I said he needs to wrestle Cena at some point and Taker has so few Manias left.
  10. Oh Cena vs. Undetaker! I said WM30 for that! And Undertaker WINS!
  11. It would be epic inside MSG.
  12. i voted for Randy Orton. I cant see Cena vs Rock at wrestlemania TWICE.

    1) Undertaker vs Rock, has a slim chance.

    2) Rock vs Orton has a slim chance too, because the annonymus guy who shot at rock a few days earlier and criticized him was Randy Orton, so WWE could make a storyline around it.

    3) Can be against Kane too. I can definitely see Kane helping out Cena at WM, because Cena embraced hate, thus starting the Kane vs Rock feud.

    4) How about a 3 vs 3 or 4 vs 4 tag team match? Someone suggested Cena might go heel and form an alliance. Maybe Cena + Vince + HHH + Kane + Johhnny Ace. Something like that. Something like the NWO. He forms the team, then get a dirty victory at WM and also at Summerslam, dominates the RAW and Smackdown roster all throughout the year, then Rock forms his own team to take them on at WM 29 and wins. After WM 29 rock goes back to movies and Cena's team confronts Cena and says they lost because of Cena's mistkaes, then they attack Cena and then Cena turns face again. Seems interesting and reasonable enough.
  13. JeebaK making stuff up, just because you heard the rumour it was Orton doesn't mean it's true.

    Orton vs Rock wouldn't happen, I see Rock vs Taker or Rock vs Cena part 2.
  14. Guess who I have voted for.. :O
  15. Rock vs HHH? :upset:
  16. Wow, ur good.
    Yes I think it will happen.
    Because Taker was diagnosed with COPD, which means that his health is going bad in time..
  17. Sheamus could also be an option if his push go on like this. It´s far too early to say who is wrestle whom at WM 29. All can suffer injuries or sth. like that.
  18. Ewwwww no!
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