Ok enough of Ryback just fuck off

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. Ok enough of Ryback just fuck off this guy is seriously overrated I dont know what Vince sees in him hes nothing special. Put him against the big show and lets see if hes all tough then I can gurantee he wont be so smug then
  2. You understand kayfabe right?

    Also Ryback is insanely over, the Goldberg chants are dead and he makes them a lot of money. Ryback ain't going anywhere
  3. Not that I care but there were Goldberg chants last night. They aren't what they used to be, but they also aren't dead.
  4. You need to learn to understand that everyone within the company has a certain role to play. Ryback is insanely over with the crowd as Stopspot stated. He won't be going anywhere for a while as for him looking strong against the Big Show, In wrestling it's a two man job. I can guarantee Show will make Ryback look strong. Plus he won't sandbag like Tensai. Piece of shit that he is.
  5. Yeah, I hate Ryback as well.
  6. Did you hear the crowd? I mean he is legitimately over right now. Vince is going to ride this horse to the ground, I'm sure.
  7. LOL at Tensai. They need to just drop him already. Horrible character. Brodus' character did better and honestly, I don't even like Brodus' face gimmick anymore.
  8. Tensai is just another fat wrestler who tries to act strong but has been made to look weak, Brodus can't dance and all he can do is belly flop people. Ryback however is awesome and does look strong. It would be better if he didn't face jobbers but with this feud with CM Punk, that itself makes Ryback look strong.

    I don't like his chants. This is what I shout when he says feed me more:

  9. WWE will stop pushing Ryback when the forums gets rid of that stupid kelly kelly thread :true:
  10. I've seen people comparing this guy to Goldberg, ridiculous. He's nowhere near as intense or impressive in the ring.
  11. He's the future, he's not going anywhere.
  12. Seems decent to me, I'm not really annoyed by him. People ask for new WWE wrestlers to get the spotlight, and here we go someone else, and what do a lot of people do? Bitch and moan still. Just be glad it's someone new instead of the same thing, Cena, Sheamus, Punk, and Big Show. At least it's someone different and young. Just give him time already and stop getting your panties in a professional knot.
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  13. So much this.

    Also, it's a face who isn't a smiley smiley jokey comedian, it's relatively unique in this modern era (inb4 Goldberg comparison). I love it.
  14. He's so over... he's the future, I think. I think it's awesome that they put him on soo many matches against jobbers and he got more and more over instead of falling into oblivion.
  15. Yeah, I agree with you on that, "Ryback ain't going anywhere" part. And I didn't hear the Goldberg part
  16. Ryback is overhyped and overrated, hes a steroid user, hes copied other wrestlers gimmicks, hes a 15 minute flash in the pan one hit wonder
  17. If Ryback is the future then the future looks pretty bleak
  18. Fuck me how did you draw that conclusion ? You must be a genius and just to spoil your theology.....probably the majority of current stars have either used....or currently using Steds
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