Ok guys my Gohan6425 Channel is not the only place you can me!

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  1. Hear was a Tribute Video made for you 20th Brithday!​

  2. Frank likes cock.
  3. Frank likes cock. Frank likes cock. Frank likes cock. Frank likes cock. Frank likes cock.
  4. Anyone who "backyard wrestles" is an idiot!

  5. Backyard wrestling lol, you also can't wrestle for sure. Bitch I never went Wrestling School and I still have the same talent as Dolph Zigglez, I can sell like a motherfucking beast.
  6. Happy Birthday. :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. <removed> I SELL VERY GOOD!






    thank but it was in Nov. on my brithday when I bothday was when this video was made!
  8. Backyard wrestling is not the way to get into the business. The Us is littered with wrestling schools and retired wrestlers from both major and indie promotions who'd probably teach you for a cheap/decent buck.
  9. yes butv alot of money and there are not many wrestling school were I am from. And the key is "USED" I don't do it anymore.

    And who and why was my last post REMOVED?
  10. Because the stupidity filter caught you.

    Seriously , if you think backyard wrestling is your way to fame.... Then I have some slightly used trunks to sell you.... Only been pooped in once... I'll even throw In the shipping..


  11. again "USED" to do it not anymore!
  12. Explains the brain damage though

  13. I wouldn't advise backyard wrestling at all. It's very dangerous and the potential injury isn't worth the admiration of people who will forget you the day after watching your vids.
  14. You're great Randy, don't let the haters bring you down!
  15. He reminds me of Zack Ryder a true lovable goof.
  16. Oh yes I've never said he ain't loveable. I see some Santino in him.

  17. Now this is far better than EBW
  18. ^^ That's actually quite good haha.