Ok please tell me the World Champion Sheamus vs. Big Show is going to in a HITC?!

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Oct 6, 2012.

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    Ok please tell me that then World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus vs. Big Show is gonig to in a Hell in a Cell?! At the Hell in a Cell PPV right?! It got its A Fuckin HELL IN CELL PPV! Both title match are sopost to in the the Hell in a Cell at the name after PPV! Please tell me wwe have not that dumb on us?​
  2. Yes, they are facing in Hell in the Cell = HITC
  3. Then why on SD last night that show that match in the video game of then being in a one on one without the Cell!? And on wwe.com that don't said it in a hell in the cell match for the world title?!
  4. I don't think they added the stipulation yet.
  5. The video game footage does not reflect the storyline (or is not supposed to). And I think they will add the stipulation closer to the ppv, allowing the feud to get more personal.
  6. But why wait? The PPV is name after match so we would esite it to be a Hell in the Cell match so why wait to add the stipulation?
  7. Both main events doesn't have to be in the cell just because of the ppv name, just one is needed. By waiting with it they are adding to the suspense, thus more people should get interested and will buy the ppv. Simple business.
  8. NO? Since that stard this PPV in 2009 both title matchest WWE and World Champion were alway in a HELL IN A CELL MATCH!
  9. But there is no rule that says it has to even though it most likely will end up like that. If so they would say it from the start "The WWE championship must be contested inside the cell at Hell in a cell" for example. They aren't doing that because allowing the storylines to grow personal and physical will make the announcement seem bigger and cooler for the fans. They want it to look bigger and scarier than it actually is.
  10. I love it when Randy just posts "NO?".
  11. It reminds me of my five year old cousin when we say he can't have more ice cream.
  12. The two world titles are always contested in HIAC.
  13. Like it will make a difference? The match will slurp dong regardless of the stipulations.
  14. Triple H: Of course not. I can't have Sheamus bruising that perfect little white ass of his
  15. Well, it'll devalue the match even more than it already has been devalued to start a feud with it, but there will be no difference if it is or isn't a HIAC match. If it is, Show will ram Sheamus twice in the Cell and that's it.
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