Ok what is with Kane chasing after all the divas?

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  1. Ok what is with Kane chasing after all the divas? over his entire WWE career he has gone after so many divas this guy is a pimp lol. Kane is the only guy on the roster who has had the most storylines with divas just research it up and you will see. He must be good to work with. Brie is now added to that long list.

    List > Chyna, Tori, Terri, Trish, Lita, Kelly Kelly, AJ, Eve, Brie
  2. To show he is a monster and to hurt his opponents emotionally.

    Brie is with D Bry, Eve was with Ryder, Tori was with X PAC and left him for X pac , Chyna was with HHH, Lita betrayed him for Edge

    It was just to take out his anger or hurt his opponent
  3. Kane's persona is essentially that of a horror movie villain (I mean, he'd make the ideal one... a horribly physically/mentally disfigured monster behind a mask who's virtually unstoppable? That sounds vaguely familiar...), and one familiar aspect of all horror films with an iconic villain is the monster/boogeyman chasing after the hot, young, pretty female. Depending on whether that female is a sympathetic character or a total bitch will determine whether the audience cheers her eventual escape or demise. The same logic applies to Kane stalking all the various Divas on the show, depending on which side of the face/heel spectrum they all happen to fall on at any given time.

    Plus, it just happens to be the case that Kane ends up feuding with several superstars who have a female counterpart at their side, and what easier way to antagonize and infuriate your male opponent than by stalking his woman?
  4. More like Big Dick Machine am I rite?
  5. Are you jealous of them?
  6. Hes got to try and get his end away somewhere. Dirty big stalker.
  7. Chicks dig the mask.