Ok who else thing CM Punk is the Best Wrestler in the World!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Feb 25, 2012.

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  2. NO!

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  3. He Best in Wrestler WWE but not in the World!

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  1. Ok who else thing CM Punk is the Best Wrestler in the World! I been a fans of he since 2006 when he start in the New ECW and I though he was the best then who else think he is the best? Please vote!​



  2. In the WWE : Jericho is better as is Christian
    In the world : I'd put Steen and Kenta above him tbh.

    Be interesting to see what people say here actually.
  3. Nah I think CM Punk the BEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD! That Who I vote for!
  4. I admit I'm a big fan of the guy but he's abit too botchy imo. Especially his GTS. I can see why you'd say he is but I just don't see it if that makes sense?
  5. In a wrestling way I would say no.
    But he has a great gimmick.
    Also just made himself more cool by dissing Chris Brown.
  6. He's the best, better than any crap wrestler in the world such as Bobby Ifail, Steen, Jericho and many other failures.

    Btw why do you copy me on everything? My profile picture and then my sig, lol it's just weird.
  7. WTF? HE NEVER BOTCH! What are u watching he put anyone he work with in a 3 star or better depoave on who he wrestling! He like HBK he can work with ANYONE and make then look GOOD! Like FIGGER at this year Rumble! FIGGER A SHIT OF A WRESLTER andhe made him look good! That make a great wrestler! AND MAKE HIM THE BEST IN THE WORLD!

  8. Fail? C'mon Steen is an amazing talent.
    Randy Savage

    Ziggler is probably better then Punk at executing moves. He might not have his understanding of psychology but still.
  9. Is FIGGER Dolph Ziggler?
  10. I just copy it for the the post b/c it FUNNY AS FUCK! As for me copying you CM Punk Profile Photo that ownly b/c all the photo I have and try to use NEVER WORK! So I seen your and that why I have it unti lI get a photo of CM Punk that I can make the size to put in the profile that the 1 I am using.

  11. Lol @RandySavage

    Dude, you just made a complete douche about yourself.
    Dolph Ziggler is one of the best 'wrestlers' in the company today, besides that, he is great at selling, has a great gimmick, and is an upcoming top guy.
  12. ok 1st of all at Summer Slam that was FUCKIN CENA FAIL he put he elbow in the dam way! And 2nd of all Kane fail on top of him that was Kane fail but can u reall blame Punk I mean Kane weight like 300 pound I would like to u try and pick him up and see if u can do the GTS!
  13. GTS is also a teamwork move, not just Kane's fault.
  14. HE SUCK! He sould not be in the main event! And I did not make a douche of myself it my DAM opition and I RIGHT TO IT!
  15. I'm not a pro wrestler so that's a pointless argument, like someone saying I should repaint the mona lisa if I'm not a fan of the brush work.
    This is a GTS

    Notice the difference? Punk is "the best in the world" according to you yet he can't even hit his own finisher half of the time.
  16. Ok, sorry for anyone who will be mad about this, but I'm doing it anyway to prove my point.

    Nemeth attended St. Edward High School in Lakewood, Ohio where he was an amateur wrestler, and holds the school record for most pins in a career with 82. At St. Edward, he was teammates with Gray Maynard and Andy Hrovat. During Nemeth's time at St Edward, the wrestling team won the National Championships on two occasions.
    He wrestled collegiately at Kent State University, eventually setting what was then the record for most career wins in the team's history. Nemeth's record was passed in 2006, and as of 2010 he stands second all-time in career victories at Kent State.[9] He had 121 career wins between 2000 and 2003. He was a three-time All-Mid-American Conference champion, winning the 165 lb (75 kg) tournament in 2000, 2002, and 2003, and as of 2010 is the last wrestler from Kent State University to have won three amateur wrestling championships.

    CM PUNK:
    Punk's first venture into wrestling was a stint in a backyard wrestling federation called the Lunatic Wrestling Federation with his friends and brother Mike Brooks in the mid-late 1990s. He first started using the ring name CM Punk when he was put into a tag team named the Chick Magnets with CM Venom after another performer skipped out on the card. Unlike his friends, Punk genuinely wanted to be a wrestler and saw it as more than simple fun.
  17. Ok what ur point? CM Punk when though the HARD WAY TO GET IN TO PRO WRESTLING! Make him even more The Best Wrestler in the World!
  18. My point?
    Ziggler being the better 'WRESTLER' of the two.
    WWE does not enter wrestlers who have experience in Backyard Wrestling.
    It may be a hard way, but it is a choice.
    And second, we are talking about 'WRESTLING' abilities.
    And my choice would be Ziggler.
    No offence, I personally like CM Punk, but you don't know the basics I guess.
  20. No one has mentioned Bryan here? The guy who I think is generally the best wrestler in the world with Steen and Styles.
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