Okay, admit it. We all want Roode as champ?

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  1. How many here want Roode back as champion already? Or at least in the title scene yet again? His reign was so good that the length of his reign (can't remember exactly) was a non-existing factor. What I mean by that is normally we get bored in the IWC of long long reigns because it's hard to stay fresh, but Roode was just on a different level every single week.

    I've said this many times, but I miss it :please:.
  2. I've been catching up with TNA recently and I've seen quite a bit of Roode's reign, I would definitely enjoy him around the title scene now that Aries has lost the title. Thus allowing Roode to possibly compete for the title.

    - Roode is my favorite TNA superstar. :gusta:
  3. The GOAT reign: November 3rd 2011 - July 8th 2012. :obama:

    I'd have him beat Harvey for the strap at beggining of the new year 2013, then he'd hold for another half-year until somebody else steps up like him (and Aries, honorable mentions to Storm and Bully Ray who's busy with DEVON).
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  4. Good post, I'd do the same. I think Storm's reign is inevitably coming at some point, and I could see TNA having him eventually get the title off Roode but that'd be another Roode vs Storm feud.
  5. Another Roode-Storm feud in the future is inevitable, even if it lasts for a simple month. Just like the Rock and Austin, Taker and Kane etc. they'll always have bad blood between them. I think that's awesome. Great talents.
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  6. :yes:
  7. Agreed again :obama:.

    Where would you rank this feud in TNA history?
  8. In Top 6-7 for sure.

    In non-order: Angle-Joe, Sting-Jarrett, Angle-Styles, AMW-XXX, Styles-Daniels (maybe some more I cannot remembah atm) and now Storm-Roode because it reached that "epic" level.
  9. Roode in the title picture would be awesome. But the thing is I still want to see Bully as champ.
  10. I'd prefer Aries :sad:
  11. More Roode reigns will come. I'm patient.
  12. Absolutely. When Hulk fucking Hogan supports the hell out of you in media interviews and maybe prefers you over his man Jeff Hardy, you know you're that good. You know you're legit. Roode is the man my brother. #2 reign is coming, I can feel it. Maybe we'll ahve to wait 5-6 months, but it'll come. It'll come.
  13. Absolutely. As over and as charismatic as Hardy is, he can't carry a company. He barely says anything, and when he does it's the most awful and generic stuff you'd expect from someone that's just about to job to Ryback to say.

    Hardy is the perfect guy to chase the title, but he isn't all that good carrying it. Remember the year or two in WWE before he won his first world title? The chase for the title was so much better than the actual reign.

    Roode can have a good feud with anyone, and looks like he'll have an amazing career long feud with Storm. He's perfect for the tile, even though I'd absolutely love for Daniels to hold it right now.
  14. lmao. Joke?
  15. No?

    He barely says anything and he's as over as he is, I thought that would be considered charismatic :pity:

    I'm fairly sure you could have Hardy sit in the ring for two hours doing nothing but clapping and people would chant his name the whole time.
  16. I guess Ryback is charismatic as fuck as well, huh? :dawg:
  17. yes

    Charisma: Compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others :pity:
  18. He is called the "Charismatic Enigma". :cole:

    I agree with leojay saying Daniels WHC reign would be fantastic as he's at the top of his game right now (and Kazarian too). It's just that there's so many great main event players right now in the WHC mix, so you can't wrong with whomever you choose the champion.
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