Okay Dolph, but I only have ONE question.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Oct 17, 2013.

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  1. Right. I've seen a couple people say that moderating the locker room is pointless, but those two people were among the many that said a LQ Locker Room is a cancer section and it "used to be fun and shit" - you know, the typical hipster crap. Anyway, you guys can't have both. What sort of Locker Room would you prefer? A section where you can make a thread just containing a gif or something else LQ as fuck without it getting junked/closed, or a section that removes the most pointless threads and tries to keep it at least worth coming in?

    Honestly, I don't mind either, but I just hate that we get complainers either way. It can't be a case of "this section used to be good!" and "argh these nazi mods close everything. learn2fun faggots" - you need to choose. There is good and bad with both.
  2. This forum is built around being relaxed with the rules. I've noticed more people complaining cause there's something LQ in the LR. If you don't like a post, ignore it and move on with your flippin day. No need to be a whiny little bitch about it.
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  3. This is just me but I would like the locker room to be more related to things outside of wrestling and entertainment. Maybe more serious chat involving politics or some important things going on in the world. I'm all for fun though, and I know our group DX, use that section for the majority of ours. Just my input, don't yell at me.

  4. The average here is probably <15. They don't really care about politics.
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  5. :true:
  6. Should be able to make LQ posts imo but still have good threads and good discussions.
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  7. If you're having girl problems I feel bad for you son, I gotta 99 problems but the locker room ain't one.
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  8. [​IMG]

  9. [​IMG]
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  10. So it seems leniency is preferred (my preferred style too). You ain't going to moan at me if the LR turns into a free-for-all of LQ threads, right?
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  11. If anyone moans they can piss off, they aren't wanted here.

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  12. Depends entirely on the form of LQ. Like Danny I am all for fun but I would also enjoy more "serious" locker room talk.
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  13. I don't understand, you can have serious locker room talk as well as have LQ junk.
  14. Would prefer if there was some user-based locking system, like on MyBB (the one thing I miss) you could close sections on the home page. Any way to redo that on here? Especially for individual threads, that way it's easier to wade through the LQ crap without the strict moderation nobody wants.

    Oh who am I kidding nobody will use it, ignore this
  15. I am all for HQ LR discussion, but there can still be bullshit threads just for fun.

    the only LR shit I bitched about recently was
    DEATHCLAW flamebait shit.
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  16. Locker room is locker room.

    There shouldn't be anything banned within it, just gays having sex, smoking, and of course killing animals.
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  17. You aren't welcome here.
  18. Would it be ironic if I made a thread about towel whipping techniques in the LR area?
  19. It only matters what [​IMG] Thinks
  20. Don't worry. I'll patrol these streets.
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