Okay, I need to know that I'm not just being bias.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. Most people on here know I despise watching Sheamus on the mic and in the ring. Some users on here defended his mic ability on a thread I made ~a month ago and said he's decent, not too good, not too bad. Now I was watching the Punk/Sheamus section in disbelief.

    Sheamus actually looked completely embarrassed, he was stuttering, it was like calling a sex offender out in public with proof and the sex offender not knowing what to say. Maybe that's extreme, but he was so so bad. That's my opinion, what did YOU think? Am I just being bias?
  2. This. Crayo and I both know how that feels. :true:
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  3. He was pretty awful, and Punk pretty much destroyed him and carried the segment.
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  4. I said he was average on that thread I believe, I now take that statement back. He was F*cking Awful last night.
  6. :true: 90% of my hate on the beginning, STOP STARTING THE SHOW THE SAME WAY, AND STOP WITH SHEAMUS BEING FORCED AT US. At least it's live so they cant change the hate on him to cheers, when he clearly doesnt deserve it.


    Welcome to the good team.
  7. A lot of times the crowd helps you get through a match or promo (IMO why the Divas' matches aren't better than they are), and with the crowd heeling face Sheamus, he seemed to not know how to react. Yeah, he should still come off as likable to the kids, but the Chicago crowd would have booed him mercilessly (as they did) for that.

    I was more concerned about that match. Fucking awful.
  8. Too much time reading randy's posts i see. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:ipebombe: but still, correct.
  9. Thanks for the welcome. :obama:
  10. What match? The Sheamus/Swagger one? Sheamus just seems to have the cardio of a walrus. It's unbearable how fast he loses his steam.
  12. Yes, that one. He usually blows up pretty quickly, but never this bad. The match lasted 2 minutes and 45 seconds, if you can't get through that without completely gassing out in the first half of the match, why are you on TV at all?

    Fucking disgraceful.
  13. I have better stamina than that. Xanth and I with no ring training could work a better match than that
  14. I laughed so hard.
  15. Dont go too far overboard there, champ.

    That match would be like Sheamus vs the Big show, pick your poison.
  16. Yah I noticed it too when he was stuttering. He was just making an arse out of himself.
  17. He needs more mic training. He isn't good, and he isn't ready to be a face mic worker anyways. Plus, the crowd doesn't get behind him, no crowd does. Chicago loved CM Punk, so it's worse for Sheamus. Remember when Cena came out they booed him heavily. Sheamus got the same treatment, trying to be a babyface to a crowd that treats you like a heel is harder. So he may have gotten nervous which made his skills that more bad.
  18. Nope you're not. I noticed it as well, he was pathetic. Punk absolutely raped him.
  19. Obviously not just you, and no, you weren't being biased. He's just that bad. The crowd reaction last night certainly didn't help, and I think that threw him off, caught him off guard, and made him even worse on the mic than usual. He was having an extremely difficult time. I think he would have rather been somewhere else at that point. Wonder what he'd think of it himself if he watched it back. Either way, it was awful.
  20. How did he not expect that though? They must have expected a hot Chicago crowd to drill into him.
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