Okay, so Regal's commentary.

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. All of us love to love Regal on here, and many have suggested he be on RAW including myself. Most of that was markism from me but after hearing him on NXT, I think he's the best commentator in WWE at the moment in that role. Him and JR are incredibly perfect with each other. Cole and Regal would be pretty awesome too on RAW in my opinion.

    It's staggering how much commentary affects a show. In TNA I can't stand their commentary to the point where I sometimes mute it. On RAW I can not STAND Jerry Lawler, he's unbearable on commentary. SmackDown commentary is normally great too. It really affects my show ratings, but that's just me I guess. But NXT is awesome before it starts with awesome commentary by Regal, JR and Saxton.
  2. Not to mention Chris Russo. He is a famous sports radio personality and commentator. He is great on commentary and brings some legitimacy to NXT since he comments on it as if it was a real sport.
  3. I really like his commentary as well. Sometimes he seems to get lost with his words though, but that doesn't happen very often. I'd like to see him on Raw as soon as possible as well.
  5. Regal is awesome
  6. I would be so happy if Regal started commentating on PPV's
  7. When I heard him, he was good. Him and Booker T would make a good team as well I think.
  8. I'd love to see Regal's face while working with Booker. :dawg:
  9. lmao, me to. Something they should actually do!
  10. How about Cole, Booker, and Regal as your regular PPV commentary team?

    (Don't piss and moan; they're not losing Cole anytime in the near future, nor should they.)

  11. Regal should do RAW.

    I mean there are many mark out moments from back in the day that thanks to JR became iconic moments! So this proves that commentary is just as important as the action in ring.

    Oh, my God!
    Business is about to pick up.
    He's running like a scalded dog.
    This is gonna be one slobberknocker!
    Aw, *come on*!
    He's getting whipped like a government mule.
  12. I'd like that, they all know when to actually talk about wrestling and when to play up to their character, while Jerry Lawler just sits there and drinks his JR BBQ sauce, fat f***
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