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  1. Made this thread since this topic was taking over somewhere else. Add your favorites and discuss. Includes Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, anything really.
  2. why the fuck did nobody tell me Youtube has full Doug eps

    oh. mah. goodness.
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  3. For example:
    Nickelodeon - Rugrats, Ren and Stimpy, Doug, Invader Zim, Hey Dude, Salute Your Shorts, etc.
    Cartoon network - Ed, Edd, and Eddie, Dexter's Laboratory, PowerPuff Girls, Billy and Mandy, etc.
  4. Patty is looking goooood

    I thought they had them on Amazon Instant as well?
  5. I've never used Amazon Instant
  6. Patty is a big pussy in that ep. She whoops Doug at everything, then jobs one time and she goes all pre-born again HBK on their asses. "I'll never put you over again Doug Funny" - The Heartbreak Bitch Patty Mayonnaise
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  7. Eh, we pay for the unlimited free Prime Shipping that gives us access to their library as well. Some good stuff out there. All the Nick stuff that USED to be on Netflix is out there now.
  8. Mixing cartoon and WWE references?

    Speaking of cartoons and wrestling, who remembers watching the old WWF cartoon back in the day? This guy, thats who!
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  9. link?? sounds amazing
  10. Dexter's Laboratory was pretty GOAT in my opinion. Mandark was such a douche bag, it was funny.
  11. The WWF cartoon? I think this was it
  12. Yeah, I keep that one ranked pretty high. Not as high on the list as Billy and Mandy though!
  13. TMNT, transformers, thunder cats, all the Disney ones (tale spin, dark wing duck, etc), GI Joe, pro stars, batman, x-men, and so much more.
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  14. The theme for that Hogan cartoon is pretty beast. I gotta claim this is a dubious cartoon though, no way in hell has Hulk ever had that full a head of hair.
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  15. I wish they would release those Disney ones you are talking about. I used to watch those ALL the time. Goof Troop and Ducktales too. Not sure what pro stars is?

    Edit: And Rescue Rangers! Some times, some crimes, go slipping through the cracks, but these two, gumshoes, are picking up the slack!
  16. I don't even think he did the voice for his character. Doesn't sound like him. That was disappointing.
  17. No one sounds like they should in it sadly.

    If only they had gone through with that Ultimate Warrior cartoon that was discussed around 2004-2005 (not WWE affiliated)
  18. Didn't he do a comic book instead?
  19. The comic was one of Warrior's many projects. The cartoon was according to Court Powell an idea by Cartoon Network, to do a cartoon about a former wrestler based on and voiced by Warrior who was now living a civilian life with a family. To quote Court "imagine Warrior running down the isles of a super market with a shopping cart, with his theme blaring, that was the central idea, ultimate warrior in every day situations".

    Also I did a look up on the voices in the Rock n wrestling cartoon. Hulk Hogan is voiced by Roberth from everybody loves Raymond.
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  20. TMNT, Recess, Bobby's world, Ren and Stimpy, Beavis an butthead, Rocco's Modern Life

    Get on my level
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