Old hands to appear at RR

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  2. Considering how much of a friend Dreamer is with the E it wouldn't surprise me.
  3. I dont mind a few but hope they dont waste too many slots on old hands.
  4. Good. I love returns like that on the Rumble. Much better than random midcarders who we know won't win anyway.
  5. I'd rather see guys like IRS than guys like Tensai tbh. Since they're not going to win anyway, might as well have fun with it.
  6. Which is sad considering the kind of boss Matt Bloom is.
  7. I think its a chance for some of the youngblood to shine imo.
  8. His character has no meaning. I'd mark if he came out twice though, once as Tensai, once as Albert.
  9. Give me Giant Bernard.
  10. Not many in their target demo know who Giant Bernard is.
  11. Re: RE: Old hands to appear at RR

    No but they might know a train or Albert, tensai needs to go. I like suprise entrants and all but id rather have a suprise entrant that actually sticks around beyond the rumble and not just one night only
  12. Carlito...That is all.
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