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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nickelodeon, Feb 13, 2014.

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  1. So after reading all this hate the dude has gotten, it's gotten me thinking. When did he just suddenly become so boring? Am I the only one who thinks that Orton during his Legend killer run was great?

    The guy was such a good heel in 03-06 area. He was great as Intercontinental champ, and was a fresh face. Everything seems different for him looking back on it. When he does his signature pose then, you can see the cockiness and it makes you want to hate him. Now, it's just a dumb taunt. The guy seemed more motivated also. He was heading to the top rope, taking bumps and seemed more athletic. He put on great matches with Taker, foley, benoit, HHH and more. Now, other than a few decent ones with Bryan I haven't really found any good matches with him. He seems so lazy. The one that seems to get on everyone's nerves the most is mic skills. Am I the only one who saw charisma when he played that gimmick? I feel like once he became the psycho viper character he has just become so boring on the stick.

    The guy seemed so great and promising then to me, but now I just find him so bland. What is your take on him?
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  2. Current Orton's a douche.
  3. I think nearly everyone believes that he became bland and boring (for the most part, anyway) starting around 2010 when his babyface run began. Nearly everyone loved his run as the Legend Killer and his role in Evolution. And even though Legacy was mostly a crap group, his run as The Viper was great. He was on fire in 2009 and was easily the most entertaining superstar on the roster that year imo.

    I think to a large degree, he just doesn't care much anymore, as evidenced by the fact that he got two suspensions for drug violations (and word was when he received his 2012 suspension, it drove Vince crazy how apathetic Orton was towards it.) Plus, he hated being a babyface and begged to be a heel again for a long time and then when they finally turned him heel again, they made him into a whiny-ass type of villain who's complaining instead of resurrecting his Viper character in full. Word is, Orton is unhappy with his current situation and hasn't enjoyed this latest heel run at all. So, like I said, pretty unmotivated.
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  4. What do you expect from a Marine Corps drop out?
  5. Was a huge Orton mark until he turned face. Then he followed the Cena formula with 5 moves and not much else.
  6. He was alright until the whole Shield storyline near 'Mania.
  7. I agree with everything everyone has said so far... his first 5 or 6 years was good and then face turn and that was it.
  8. What got me to first mark for him were his arm injury updates that would pop up during matches. Found those hilarious. This was pre-Evolution.
  9. Lmao RNN was the shit.
  10. Legend Killer Orton is my fav wrestler tbh, this Orton makes me cry inside wondering what the hell happened
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  11. I'm pretty sure Creative is feeling the same way as we are. But i don't know where he can go from here. That old Orton is dead, we will never see the Legend Killer again!
  12. Actually enjoyed him in 2010 just because he was a different kind of babyface (yeah he had the same boring Cena moveset but every babyface does) so he was a guy adults can actually enjoy for more than just cool moves amidst in a sea of John Cenas and Evan Bournes. Then as Lockard said he lost motivation, ever since his feud with Rhodes he hasn't been in a compelling program at all, and his booking and character development since turning heel has been nothing short of disasterous. It's no wonder Orton doesn't care.
  13. I agree with Old Orton> New Orton. I was huge Orton Fan, until recently. and I also think he is the boring face. Even Orton looked bored being a face.
  14. I honestly just think he needs to take some time off and let creative attempt to find a fresh/interesting character or storyline for him. I think he can be an amazing wrestler and entertainer, but like Lockard said he is just unmotivated.
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  15. Brooklyn Brawler >>> Current Orton
  16. Yeah definitely prefer the Orton over the one we have now, the current one is pretty bland and boring.
  17. He was starting to improve just before he got this title run, its like he was told to prove himself to get a title shot so put the effort in. Then as soon as he got the belt stopped giving a crap again.
  18. I'm still a huge Orton mark...but I haven't been fond of this character lately. In terms as a wrestler, I really like Orton seeing as he been in one of the better recent matches so far when it comes to strictly quality in the WWE, but his character is blah. The writers are making him look weak, I thought he was going back to being the sadistic viper but instead he's just a cowardly heel which doesn't help his character.. And apologising to The Authority.. is cringe-worthy. But my overall take on Orton? I feel like he's overlooked. Orton is probably one of the most overlooked wrestlers in this generation. He's always been looked at as number #2 behind Cena and it's nothing wrong with that. Cena has earned his spot and Orton has had his trouble but Orton never gets credit. He's put people over and people are like "well he needs to he's already had his time" then he goes from heel to face it's "stale" he goes from face to heel " it's awful or not up to par". Orton delivers a consistent amount of good matches. Yes he's not "technical as Indy wrestlers" but the guy still has a high wrestling IQ. He does the same moves but who doesn't at this point even Daniel Bryan is starting to do them. The kicks, the flying goat thing, the yes lock ( gets broken), jumps off the top rope for a missile dropkick, then hits the running knee. Orton is monotone and can be boring but his mic work this title reign has and can be good at times, it's one of the reasons he was able to be a top guy. His mic work this reign has been overlooked because of the fans displeasure but it has been more lively. At this point people rag on him because it's the cool thing to do and with the same old "Randy Boreton" stuff but what else can you say after that the guy pretty much cleaned up his act and for the most part personally too? Orton is the guy they'll do stuff to that they'll never do with Cena. He catches a lot of BS most of it isn't even deserved. He's earned his spot at the top. He needs better booking at this point honestly.
  19. Orton has become so boring lately. Everytime he does the same thing: 2 shoulder knockdowns, a slam and then an R.K.O.. I mean, you cannot be serious right? Back in time, he didn't cry the way he does today. He also has no mic skills, absolutely. They should consider bringing Orton back to the "Legend Killer" state.


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