News "Old-School" RAW on January 6th

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Dec 27, 2013.

  1. WWE announced that the first RAW of the new year will be an "Old-School" one, the third themed RAW in a row.

    The Old School RAW earlier this year was quite good and included Undertaker returning. Who do you think will make an appearance this year? If Hogan's going to be involved at Wrestlemania, it would be a good opportunity to bring him back here.
  2. another edition of Sgt Slaughter Pat Patterson and the rest of the old fags. This makes Raw un-watchable for nearly a month.
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  3. But bro, our man Ryder will be there! I mean, he hasn't been on TV in years, he's got to finally return on the old school edition!
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  4. Get ready for the WWE App "Old School" Edition.
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  5. How do you know he will be on? I'd watch to see Ryder job, even to one of those douche bags.
  6. He's gonna job to Ron Simmons! :damn:
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  7. I would be fine with that. JBL on commentary would be legendary.
  8. I actually would be interested to see how JBL reacts to Ron Simmons in any form in the ring or backstage :hmm:
  9. Fucking love old school RAW's.
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  10. it would be legendary.
  11. :pity2:
  12. This is why you're the biggest wwe mark
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  13. So old timers are gonna take up more tv time that young talent should be having fuck you WWE
  14. It's one show..........
  15. I want to see the great match of Sgt. Slaughter & The SHIELD vs. Hillbilly Jim & The Wyatt Family
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  16. Bring back the Hulkster
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  17. Great, the last few Old School Raws have been very good shows. This one will probably be another good one. Plus, there's chance of Backlund so that's a plus.
  18. That would awesome. Fuck Zack.

  19. The Real Americans are all lined up to get their fuckin asses kicked by the true Real American. Noggin knockers forever
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  20. Exactly. This.
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