Old School RAW ratings breakdown

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Mar 8, 2013.

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  1. :obama:
  2. Great ratings, and the typical segments drew but drew really well.
  3. Ratings Henry drawing in motherfuckers even for a Ryder squashing. DA BEST
  4. Ryder draws.
  5. That's why his name is Ratings. Oh wait, that's mark Henry
  6. "Mark Henry gained"

    "The high-point of the show came with The Rock"

    Big surprises here.
  7. WOW These are strong numbers, Mark "Ratings" Henry at it again lol.
  8. Not surprised Zeb Coulter lost a few. I find the whole we the ppl sctick slightly strange tbh. Doesnt fit with everything else. Feels like WWE trying to be edgy but failing imo.
  9. I think the edginess is rather cool but the concept is flawed. I don't understand how two characters spewing out what is genuinely wrong with America (illegal immigrant issues is a big problem there) and lack of jobs is going to get heat. If it can't even get heat how can they expect it to genuinely draw? If they're repeating the same old thing weekly as well that never helps.

    I like that they came up with a character based on an edgy topic, but I don't think it was ever going to really succeed. It could just be too early to tell, but I'm not surprised.
  10. I dunno for me it feels really awkward that may be due to the delivery or the fact it seems to bomb each week. I cant put my finger on it just seems strange.
  11. Welcome back btw Cloud :yay:
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  12. Cheers fella. Lol.
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  13. Well, gotta love Henry drawing people as always, Rock/Cena segment drawing as expected, HHH too (although I suppose it was a good time slot) and then the next segment losing the exact same amount of viewers was interesting, good overrun as well I suppose.
  14. Awesome ratings, great for WWE
  15. I said it in the TNA thread but The Rock and Henry are leading the WWE in their ratings whilst D'Lo Brown draws TNA's highest numbers. The Nation is back and as dominant as ever.
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