Older stars to be used tonight

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 17, 2012.

  2. Interesting. Well, I hope Bob Backlund's there. :gusta:
  3. Dwayne Johnson?
  4. Well, Gunn and Farooq were there. Dwayne Johnson couldn't be there.. BOOOO
  5. Didn't read this thread and a bit glad.
  6. Few decent cameos but surprise surprise ROCK couldn't be there! SO gonna annoy me this next few months hearing the words "live via satellite The Rock"
  7. I'm sure he'll be there live next week. They have to start building heat for RR.
  8. This is true. I'm only having a moan as I want him there buidling things up, I don't want loads of satellite nonsense as I just don't get behind it.
  9. He just wrapped shooting Fast 6. I believe he has nothing planned but WWE for the next couple of months, so he should be available at all times.
  10. He has four other films out next year though GI Joe, Pain and Gain, Snitch and Empire State. I'm not saying he aint WWE for a few months but that's 5 films in total they can't all be finished and then he has to promote them etc.... I'm just not getting my hopes up for time we will see him on RAW.
  11. I hear you, but he'll have more time this year than he did last year. I think a lot more live, and a lot less via satellite.
  12. I hope so as live he's adds a lot to the feuds.
  13. I think he has even less time than last year actually.
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