Ole : The two side of El Generico.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. [yt]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KABUQxllGbk[/yt]​

    As I'm sure you know one of Ring Of Honour's greatest talents signed for the WWE earlier this year, going on to appear in his generic attire at a NXT house show click me for the thread

    Now I'm sure you're asking why should I care, it's really simple he's got a bizarre attribute for a WWE luchadore, he can sell multiple personas, you want someone to be your smiling hand slapping holy shit machine he's your man, you want someone to sell a confused babyface on what his moral action could be he can do that and his rarest trait he can play the pissed off veteran, begrudgingly competing with the young kids which is a bizarre ability for someone who prides himself on being generic, will he show this trait off? Probably not but the thought of him feuding with Rey as he's had to take the riskiest bumps to keep up with the standard Rey set would be an interesting twist on the WWE's version of Lucha Libre.

    The comedy :


    The confusion and emotion:

    The pissed of veteran:

    The example I wanted was against Richotecht in 2010 but for the life of me I can't find it but if you can post it. It's a surprising twist for what should be a one dimensional character.
  2. They have enough comedy characters ATM, hopefully he comes in as he was during the Steen feud.
  3. A character cannot come in like that in my opinion, especially not one like Generico (assuming he gets to keep working the Generico gimmick). A character like that needs to grow into what he was in that heated and personal rivalry. And you cannot carry over the animosity he had for Steen to the WWE since there is no one to connect it to.
  4. True dat Steenerico made that feud, I'm honestly thinking he comes in and attacks Rey , play some videos of the big spots he did to get noticed and say he blames Rey Mysterio for the idea that people had to constantly push the envelope to get in the big leagues. Heel Generico has potential just for the bad blood it could create.
  5. Too bad Rey is out with another ACL tear (AGAIN!)
  6. Bloody Mexican's always fucking shit up, fine then let him establish himself as a face until glass knee comes back then bam he flips on him.
  7. I could see Generico working an angle with a comedic babyface. Starting out as one himself then slowly turning heel, attacking the other one to express his anger of having to become an "entertainment act" instead of a wrestler to get to the WWE. I think that could work if Generico could deliver as a heel. But he is so damn good as a face.
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