News Olympics 2016 rowers to face feces-filled Rio waters

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  1. Olympians face the prospect of sailing and swimming through sewage infested waters at the Rio 2016 Games that will get underway next month.

    The controversy first reared its ugly head last summer, when a report revealed that raw sewage flows directly into major bodies of water near the venues where the competition will take place, and that viruses linked to human sewage were present at levels up to 1.7 million times higher than that considered alarming in the USA and Europe.

    Olympics 2016 rowers to face feces-filled Rio waters

  2. Sounds like the Olympics are...

    ....going to be pretty shitty this year.

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  3. Shitty Olympics for a shitty country.

    People blaming Russia for corrupt bidding. These motherfuckas have to be paying 3x what Russia paid to have the games come to their cess pool.
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