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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Solidus, Sep 6, 2014.

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  1. Anyone else want to get the upcoming Pokemon game(s)? Gen 3 is by far the best in my opinion and I've been waiting for a remake for so long.
    I'll be getting Ruby because Groudon > Kyogre
  2. I'll be getting Sapphire, but first I'll need to get a DS.
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  3. Dunno what one...I wish they would just release a Emerald version, would make things easier.

    Most likely get both at some point
  4. Might be getting Alpha Sapphire since I had Sapphire as a kid.
  5. If they made a Emerald Version, which I think they would, I'd go for that. Emerald was like, the best pokemon game ever.
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  6. Yea, Emerald was great. More to explore, more double battles etc. Steven is a better champion than Wallace though.
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  7. inb4FoxtrotEmerald
  8. Delta Emerald :bodallas:
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    TFW rekt

  10. Prlly will be getting Omega Ruby; I was always the holder of the Red versions of the game and my brother took the "cool" colors.
  11. You already know I'm gonna have the fiery duo of Groudon and Arcanine.
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  13. Emerald is when I started playing pokemonz so I'm undecided about what one to get.
  14. £300 gaming pc, or DS & pokemon. sorry brah. GabeN wins, 60% of the time, every time. :hmmm:
  15. Why not both? Amateurs
  16. Because I can earn just enough money to buy a pc by scraping metal and doing jobs for the mob.
  17. Scrap the mob and do jobs for the metal. Amateur.
  18. So what's everyone's favorite mega evo? Probably Metagross for me. This on the other hand looks ridiculous,

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  19. Haha, dat goatee.

    My favorite is probably Scizor. It's just so badass.
  20. @Solidus , you should watch Etika's old Showdown videos. They're pretty outdated but still fucking hilarious.

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