*Omg a spoiler* So where's this going then?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, Oct 29, 2012.

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  1. With Brad and the pin count? I love the finish but worried that it's going to end up being a part of the lame ass fraternizing storyline to do with AJ :finger:

    Could you see there being any more to it?
  2. Brad Maddox, the referee.
  3. I have no idea where they are going with this one which makes Monday Night Raw tonight exciting. The whole night they cut to Heyman with his smug look like he knew something was going to happen by the way he was talking. The one thing I hope it's not, is the fraternizing storyline. As long as they keep it away from that, it will be fun to watch.
  4. Won't have too many high hopes for RAW, though.:maybe:
  5. We'll see how it goes, eh Jose?
  6. Ryback winning the WWE championship on RAW and becoming the new best in the world is my prediction. 75% sure. :smug:

    Show Spoiler
    :laugh: Indeed. Expecting explanation after explanation tbh.. :maybe:
  7. haha Second part looks spot on though imo
  8. Yeah.. We've got the AJ thing with Cena, and now the ref screwing up.

    I think we've got a good hour to fill this part. Although I think Ryback will beat up Maddox again. Which I kinda enjoyed yesterday. Pressing him out of the ring. :gusta:
  9. Things should start getting real good here soon. The Road to Wresltemania is inching closer.
  10. 5 months... :tyson:

    Let's hope so.
  11. Yup and usually some good stuff around royal rumble time leading up to mania
  12. Brad needs to be part of their faction to be honest. This is what Heyman should be used for, genius schemes to save Punk.
  13. They will likely bring about how that same ref blew the CM Punk call a few weeks ago. And this was his pay back to Heyman.
  14. Must say it really surprised me, never saw it coming. Curious to see where it's going, maybe Brad is going to become a competitor or something. Wasn't there another legendary worker who started as a ref and then started wrestling full time recently? :hmm:
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