OMG AJ/Daniel Bryan are getting married WTF

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. OMG AJ/Daniel Bryan are getting married next week on Raw 1000th episode WTF I thought WWE had quit this shit years ago. My god this is gonna be car crash tv
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  2. I agree, it does sound like a horrible angle.
  3. It's pretty cool, AJ's gonna say no anyway.

  4. Miz is going to interrupt it somehow (that look he and AJ was giving each other says it all) and this is going to set off a Bryan vs Miz feud with Bryan working the aggressive face. Like how Macho Man became when other guys made moves on miss Elizabeth.
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  5. He was even in character when he was backstage..

    ''Stop. Looking AT HER!!''

  6. Let's see where this goes.
  7. kane needs to crash the wedding :yay:
  8. I think i'd best watch this weeks Raw then ASAP to get an understanding behind all this. Still though, I can't see them actually getting married, I reckon either AJ will say no, or someone will come down and stop it, as mentioned above.

    Having AJ say no would be a bit daft really as I'm not sure what angle they could take from that, but if they had someone (anyone other than Punk) come down from and stop the wedding, they could then start a feud up. Just as long as it isn't identical as the one between Punk and Bryan it should be good.
  9. Its gonna be shit.CM punk will try and ruin it and it will all just be crap. Then i will cry and press fast forward.
  10. I think something bad is going to happen but I don't think CM Punk would as it wouldn't be a very good feud as it has already been going on. Then again, the writers aren't very good.
  11. It will either be CM Punk or Kane I think.
  12. Would make more sense because CM Punk has Cena.
  13. NO!!! it will be Viscera !!!
  14. Viscera crashing the wedding would make me unable to watch the rest of the episode due to excessive laughing I think.

    Punk won't get involved, he's through with that storyline. Let's see who will DB feud with and probably wrestle at Summerslam.
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  15. No no no, it'll be this man [​IMG] AJ will be revealed as one of his hos.
  16. That has happened before, I think. I'd mark.
  17. Happened to Teddy Long :boss1: and I want it one more time
  18. It'd be awesome, I'm sure.
  19. Was pretty pumped for this story until something on SD which spoiled it all for me. Bryan seems to be stuck in a horrible feud now.
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