OMG Brotus clay vs JtG

Discussion in 'RAW' started by DarksideTrin, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. If u didn't see it..... Rewatch it!

    It's bad enough his titty was flopping all over the place at the end o the match....

    But he basically breast fed JTG during the pin......

    Let that brew for a minute...

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  2. Used it for my Monday fap material.
  3. Milk, it does a body good :otunga:
  4. lmfao the op to this thread made me spit soda out my nose

    Quality thread.
  6. My stream froze during that part, gotta check it out later.
  7. Yeah, u gotta
  8. Anyone have a video? I wanna see this.
  9. Skipped most of RAW this match included god awful! Best bit Show getting BORING chants.

    EDIT forgot to post the vid

  10. it was so bad... yet so good!
  11. Tuck your titties back in
  12. lol at his titties on JTG's mouth.
  13. Thats gonna haunt him next time he's getting down with a pretty lady!
  14. Is this what they meant when they said RAW will be getting edgier?
  15. Not the exact nip slip I wanted. :silva:
  16. Breast feeding is a natural thing, its not edgy at all. :jeritroll:
  17. Ewwww but breastfeeding of the Funkasaurus no thanks.
  18. :okay:

    I did mention to a friend last night that Brodus's moobies seemed to be bouncing around more than usual. That one in particular sticking out just made it so much worse.
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