OMG lol Brad Maddox got pwnd by Khali on Christmas RAW so funny

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Yeah. You all saw it. Have fun boys.
  2. BLFFL > U

    I mean brah do you even lift?
  3. Really Stopspot Really

    BLFFL >>> Stopspot

    Brad Maddox >>> Stopspot
  4. Only because you took steroids.
  5. I could pwn dat noob Brad Maddox. I'll go find him right now and do it actually. Booking the ticket as we speak, I'll post you his tights.
  6. Stopspot doing a little ''fan threatening wrestler through the interwebs..''

  7. I have signed with WWE. My debut will be at this mysterious January 21 even and I will face Maddox in a Punjabi Prison match. I'll Goronco buster his face in :gusta

    Brad Maddox, I'M COMING FOR YOU N***A!
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  8. :booker: I dig it
  9. I will also bring along my stable. Hollywood @seabs and The mean man aka Big Hoss. Together we are known as the Table. We will bring confusion to the WWE.
  10. Let me be your Ric Flair. :woo1:
  11. Evotable?
  12. Hey Stopspot check this out Brad Maddox doing his finisher to you
  13. Error. I'm not Asian. Also lol what a pussy finisher. I'll have that tit tapping to the big toe lock in no time.

    Me > Maddox for infinity. :pipebomb:
  14. He has a finisher? Never seen him hit one.
  15. Does Brad Maddox even have any offensive moves or is he a worse version of Mickey Whipwreck?

    Also does he even lift?
  16. How the fuck is that more impressive than Ambrose, Rollins or Reigns?

    You know what, no. I said I'm not replying to your threads anymore and I won't because it's like

    bro, do you even lift?
  17. Closed. LQ.
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