OMG WTF is this with Paul acting gay over Ryback?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. OMG WTF is this with Paul acting gay over Ryback? this isnt PG and has Vince got a festish with gay stuff. Poor Ryback looked so embaressed having to do that segment with Paul. How the hell has Ryback gone from being a top face to this shit with Paul? You know I thought him being the new Paul Heyman guy would help Ryback alot but this gay thing Paul is having over Ryback is weird. No just no
  2. Wait, what segment??? I only watched RAW for the 5 and a half seconds that AJ was on, and then I shut it off... What did I miss??? Sounds weird...
  3. It was Gay Celebration Night on Raw last night. Didn't you see all the people wearing pink shirts?
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  4. He just tricked everybody thinking he was going to propose to Ryback.. when he really "proposed" to him asking him to be a Paul Heyman Guy..
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  5. Oh, ok.
  6. It was so embaressing the look on Ryback's face said it all I feel sorry for the guy
  7. You should be embarrassed that you think Kelly Kelly is a good wrestler.
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  8. It was a proposal but it was rather a "business proposal," not a "marriage proposal."
  9. BLFFL knows gay better then everyone else so take it seriously guys!
  10. Kelly Kelly is a better wrestler she was the top diva not that slut AJ

    As for this Ryback/Paul thing you could just tell Ryback was uncomfortable even him out of character having to act that out
  11. AJ is not a slut. AJ is the greatest wrestler of all time, and you need to shut the hell up before I Black Widow you.
  12. So what if it was gay? It's the 21st century.
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  13. You and Gohan were meant to meet here. There is no other explanation.
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  14. WWE have fucked over Ryback's character he was so over as a face and could of been the top star but no they fed him to Cena and now hes doing this gay thing with Paul
  15. Oh yeah. Yup. Definitely. I know, right???........

    Oh, what where you saying? Sorry, I was on the phone.....
  16. Maybe Ryback working stiff gives Paul Heyman a stiffy
  17. She understands kafaybe. You just trolled yourself

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  18. Ryback has a main event bulge and Paul E knows it. Nothing wrong with that. It's okay to be Takei.
  19. You're just a homophobic.
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